Little Mix – No (Official Video)

Little Mix – No (Official Video)

Little Mix – No (Official Video)

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Director: Fred Rowson
EP: Laura Northover
Producer: Emma Wellbelove
Producer: Rosie Brear

Production Manager: Frankie Willcock
Production Assistant: Harry Hardwick
Production Company: Blink

Location Manager: Hugo Sandoval-Aguayo
Location Scout: Andrew Gillman

1st AD: Emma Pounds
2nd AD: Jacquie Moore
Runner: Reece Lynch
Runner: Queen Banerbie

DOP: Nathalie Pitters
Focus Puller: Catharina Scarpellini
Clapper Loader: Tanmoye Khan
Camera Trainee: Samara Addai
Steadicam Operator: Grant Sandy-Phillips
DIT: Elliott Chyi
2nd Unit Director: Max McLachlan
2nd Unit Camera: Joe Brunt

Video Playback: Karl Taggart
Audio Playback: Miles Haughton

Gaffer: Leopold Naessens
Electrician: Peter Tomasikiewixz
Electrician: Esteban Gimpelewicz
Electrician: Evance Bretuil

Production Designer: Ranya El-Rafaey
Art Department Assistant: Flo Main
Art Department Assistant: Hannah Eccles
Art Department Assistant: Jimmy Van Twest
Art Department Assistant: Aaron Hackett

Make-Up Artist (Perrie): Cassie Lomas
Make-Up Artist (Jade): Mona Leanne
Make-Up Artist (Leigh-Anne): Hila Karmand
Hair Artist: Aaron Carlo
Hair Assistant: Ryan Steedman
Nail Technician: Pria Bhamra
Nail Technician: Stephanie Staunton

Stylist: Zack Tate
Stylist: Jamie McFarland
Stylist: Thomas Wulbern
Seamstress: Su Haines

Make-Up Artist (Cast): Natasha Lawes
Make-Up Assistant (Cast): Jane Arnold
Stylist (Cast): Frankie Tyler @frankieetyler

Choreographer: Jason Thanh Nguyen
Choreographer Assistant: Hazel Culliney

BTS Photographer/Videographer: Callum Mills

Covid Officer/Medic: Russell Warner
Security: Warren Jones
Security: John Colbert
Security: Sam Jackson
Winnebago Driver: Geoff Hook
Make-Up Truck Driver: Colin Finch
Splitter Driver: Gareth Honey
Splitter Driver: Dayo Olufemi

Editor: Samuel Marr
Sound Designer: Alexander Wells
Colourist: Richard Fearon
Post Producer: Tamara Mennell
Post House: Black Kite
Graphics & Titles: Joy Kisuka

Hus-Bot 1 (PERRIE): Ellis Harman
Hus-Bot 2 (JADE): Tyrus Kane
Hus-Bot 3 (LEIGH-ANNE): Michele Zanette

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Little Mix

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33 Replies to “Little Mix – No (Official Video)”

  1. im tired of seeing questions about jesy like "where's jesy?"💀
    i know some of y'all are confused but if you don't see her on their new mv's that means she's not a part of the group anymore💀

  2. This song! I wanna send to my ex SO bad!!!!

    Ladies thank you! You have No idea the anthem you created for those having left an abusive relationship!!!

    Thank you so much!!

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