Live In London

Live In London

First Piano livestream of 2022!
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Brendan Kavanagh


28 Replies to “Live In London”

  1. I'm in New Mexico USA…listen to you all the time! I used to play by ear and always loved to play…looking for a good piano again now! Lots of arthritis in my hands these days but I think it would still be great to play again! Thank you so much for your inspiration!!! ❤️🤗🙏🏻

  2. Brendan: let's play some classical
    Also Brendan: Batman

    Brendan: I'll start from slow and then fast
    Also Brendan: Ronda ala Turca

    Brendan: I'll play some Texas boogie
    Also Brendan: Russian Anthem

    Brendan: I'll do one more song
    Also Brendan: followed with another one more song, and a last song

    This guy is incredible

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