Mehhhh… Halo TV Series Episode 7 – My Brutally Honest Thoughts

Mehhhh… Halo TV Series Episode 7 – My Brutally Honest Thoughts

Episode 7 of the Halo TV series is here, so it’s time to give my brutally honest thoughts on it… Mehhhh…

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43 Replies to “Mehhhh… Halo TV Series Episode 7 – My Brutally Honest Thoughts”

  1. I would rather not drink than have a watered down, off Brand, rusty version of a Coke. And I’m not going to watch this series for the same reason. 👍🏻

  2. 500 years in the future and everyone drives Escalades and Tahoes lmao. This show is terrible. I'm starting to think that no one will ever produce a quality Halo movie/show.

  3. If Kwan was a character from a Halo game. I would still give less a damn about playing her. I would burn the game !! 💥🔥
    Episode 7 was a waste of time for everyone !👎👎
    The writers need to be shot in there writing hand ,so maybe at least they could write better with there off-hand!

  4. Ngl this was maybe I favourite episode apart from the first, purely because I'm not sat there the whole episode pissed off about how much the chief just isn't the chief, and honestly chief in this episode might've been my favourite performance from him so far

  5. The entire Kwan/Madrigal storyline is reminiscent of the Rose in Star Wars and Book of Boba Fett… all failures and felt like they were written by children playing with action figures.

  6. Kwan…the Rose Tico of Halo.
    God this fucking show. We Are ODST and Halo Landfall on full blast…greatness was right there. But no we get designer energy nails, human in the covenant, the orgasm rock, a generic chosen one plot, character assassinations, Cortana/Chief interactions are hurtful to watch. The charm, mystery, and adventure landing on and discovering Halo…just tossed out like paper. The tradgey of someone being introduced to Halo's amazing universe like this…it blackens my fucking heart.

  7. Thought this was an overall decent episode with some action and some character development for kwan, it’s definitely better than other episodes that include the kwan storyline.

  8. I showed landfall to my girl and her friends and none of them cared for it at all and yet they're glued to the show.
    Even though we like the action and epicness men tend to be more logical and grounded while women like the drama.
    The halo we like wouldn't get you laid but the tv show could..
    Just saying..

  9. Mystic-type shit is part of Halo – but with the Librarian, an ancient Forerunner with near total mastery over genetics, telepathy and metaphysics, not a group of human women in the middle of the desert. If these human mystics had access to old Forerunner tech, or were even possibly descended from a mixed line of Human-Forerunners (which is still a stretch), I'd buy it. But as it is? Nah.

  10. Halo Dune crossover has begun.
    Kwon the princess of dune as Moadib
    Duke her father
    insurrection General guy in suburban as baron of harkonan
    Soren the trusted loyal guard who throws his life to save moahdib
    THE FUEL OF DUNE. The Spice must flow.

    Spartans did not have choice. In that game always remind me nazis young SS Youth Brigade. The brainwashing of youth. The atrocities those youth have committed. Or the African Warlords Doping up any males ages between 10-30 with poppy to send them out to fight for them as Cannon fodder. No. UNSC is more gritty version communist utopia than the Old United Federation of Planets. I still enjoyed the game of course.

  11. If I told grade school me that I wouldn’t bother watching a Halo show, the grade school me would assume adult me was an imposter.
    This is just sad. Why even bother making this show?

  12. Please for the love of god I hope they listen to fans and scrap kwan ha’s entire story arc for next season. She is by far the worst part of the show and has nothing to do with Halo. Just focus on the Chief and the covenant as it should be.

  13. In the future they still collect classic cars ? Shrug. The Dr Halsey and Master Chief background is pretty close to the actual Halo Back story. The only thing they did was get rid of the spartan 1 and 2 program and just made it the spartan program. And John didn't volunteer after he was kidnapped because of course that is immorally wrong for TV. Considering John was under age and not old enough to decide whether to leave his parents in the actual story. I don't like the mythical aspects of the story. Me being a Sci Fi Fan, I am not to fond of mixing fantasy with hardcore Sci Fi. Having Chosen one's and future visions for no reason is almost getting into star wars territory.

  14. Lore Question: The new "Eaglestrike" armor in Infinite SSN2 says it's for "United Nations SECURITY CONFEDERATION" special forces. Is that the same as the United Nations Space Command? A typo? A different organization or a rebranding after the Cortana event?

  15. I kidna liked this episode it ended Qwan's story fine and if it weren't in the Halo universe and had the awkward writing it might have been a decent story element.. im not a big fan of Qwan i feel like if the writing was better this whole Insurrectionist POV against the UNSC is a great take, that is before her entire outpost/home is wiped out by covenant (with huge ease) and she becomes a raging bratty teen-ager who is extremely reckless and tries to fight everyone and reject the UNSC's help, basically dooming Madrigal to the fate of the covenant should the UNSC lose interest in trying to control Madrigal after their politician was killed. I will say though her getting her ass kicked by MC was her realizing her recklessness and understanding how she needs to slow down and fix her act… but then they went and just finished her storyline up either way which idk how that made Madrigal safe if the Covenant were a larger threat and on Madrigal as well. Yet the Mystics stood on watching like she just saved the entire planet…. Either way I had issues with a few key points in this episode that were kind of dumb or inconsistent.
    1. Mystics kidnap her, bring her to their camp then reject her saying shes not ready… then she throws a fit, threatens them and suddenly "Fine"
    2. The assault rifle Qwan picks up is "117's" AR from the first episode he threw away to pick up the chain gun….(which is stamped 117 for whatever reason) and was thrown away at the base of a hill, not under a car where she finds it. Also after the MC kills the elites with the chain gun im assuming he picks up his AR and they pursue the covenant dropship because he has one on him when they find the artifact….so the AR should not be there….. and to my knowledge all the insurrectionists had AKs in Episode 1…
    3. Like you said…. Vectors… all vectors with cosmetic mods attached to them.
    and 4. She peddles to the metal into a sand storm with no face covering or goggles…. and when she breaks there's no inertia of her going from like 80mph to 0 in like 2 second.

    Also I don't think they'd make that well a portal to Halo…. it could just be some installation that the monitor was hiding in looking for Human life and that there's another Halo ring somewhere close to their star system. We still have to remember that in a little bit here is about to be the Fall of Reach… and there is no signs yet that we will even see this event play out or we will just see text explaining it happened or they just wont go that route and Reach will stay alive. There is SOOOO much change coming to this Silver timeline of halo, lore wise, if Reach does not fall… like SOO many Spartan 2s (which we never seem to see any of) will still be alive… The Pillar of Autumn will not have escaped Reach to bring MC and Cortana to Halo which is how MC gets to Halo and just so many new events and timeline details will have to be written in and created. If they go the route of "the well is a portal to Halo" ill be severely disappointed however it leaves me wondering where this storyline is going to go in the drastically altered timeline.

  16. I just ran the play indicator through the whole episode. Saw her story in every scene and just skipped to the end. The actor is again a good actor but her storyline is incredibly dull and predictable

  17. I feel like before when landfall came out, we were wanting a live action Halo show so bad. And now we have dollar tree Adam Sandler as Chief 😐

  18. Honestly…I feel like they are trying to pull an Ahsoka move from Star Wars. Very hated at the start of the series but really loved by the end. I think this Ep was to break that angry teenager phase and move onto adult phase. Also may be gearing her up to become a Spartan III? She is techincally an orphan due to the covvies 😉 Keep faith in the series. I feel its just the beginning. Love the video!

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