Mikel Arteta apologises after Arsenal are knocked out of the FA Cup by Nottingham Forest

Mikel Arteta apologises after Arsenal are knocked out of the FA Cup by Nottingham Forest

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A mistake by Eddie Nketiah led to a winning goal for Nottingham Forest at home against Arsenal on Sunday night. Mikel Arteta has since apologised for a lacklustre performance from his side, Arsenal were unable to penetrate Nottingham Forest’s defence throughout the Cup tie.

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32 Replies to “Mikel Arteta apologises after Arsenal are knocked out of the FA Cup by Nottingham Forest”

  1. For what is he apologising?if he meant those away fans then cool because they deserve all props they're simply amazing but if he is apologising to those internet fans then I m sorry arteta you starting to lose me please man up and face your bullies.

  2. Why do they have this one dude standing by himself on the other side of the studio next to a stupid TV screen and the other two presenters are at the table?! Am I missing something??

  3. I'm a lifelong Arsenal fan, we are 14 time record holders… when you disrespect the cup by playing players not good enough to lace the boots of a non league team you deserve to lose. Shameful. Was such an obvious score after 20 minutes, predictable.

  4. It's a shame we got knocked out early, well done to forest though, deserved the win.
    We just have to focus on the league now and arteta has to have a talk with nuno

  5. Arteta wasn't at fault, Nuno was out of position defensively but at least he was trying so go forward. Players needs to look at themselves in this loss

  6. No shame in loosing to a club like Forest who helped Arsenal initially to become a club, not just Arsenal , Liverpool as well, Arsenal still wear Red in tribute of that no shame at all loosing to the 2nd oldest club in the country and well deserved to Forest

  7. West Ham Utd are really upsetting this supposed top six but flying under the radar . They never seem to be in any conversation . Being ignored is suiting the Eastenders to bits . Always talking about Man City , Liverpool , Chelsea , man Utd & Arsenal . Crazy

  8. Xpect nketiah to be our own origi. But thats it time is up. Comeon give us atleast three signing this january. Make it done asap. Vlahovic. New cm. New dfender rplacing holding+mari

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