WE’VE GOT SUPER MIK ARTETA!!! Bit quick that decision on Arsenal’s part. Hopefully it doesn’t come to bite us in the rear…

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  1. Hopefully everyone enjoyed our first ever LIVE "Arsenal If and When" in the studio. We are planning to bring you more content like this!!! 👊👊👊

  2. Wowwww. Youngest team in the league – didn’t rate him to even finish in the top 6 – but sack him if he finishes 5th. You’re lost, Danny!

  3. Absolutely agree with Dan here. I think the contract signing is at the wrong time and it's going to look silly if we don't manage to get top 4 now.

  4. Only Arsenal’s fans think giving Arteta should receive a new contact till 2025 for so far doing nothing.What’s this Lee Judges talking about.Whatever Arsenal’s results or finish position Arteta would get a new contact.Being an Arsenal fan fill’s like supporting a club with no ambition.Dan makes sense.The other guy Talks rubbish.He wants a top forward player,well will see about that.We have become a team that doesn’t expect to compete at the top and will find it more difficult to do so.How they can talk about winning a competition there not yet qualified for is beyond me.Four week’s age Judges wanted Arteta out, now he wants him till 2025.”You know what I mean”

  5. I actually don’t care about anything other than getting top 4 I can’t be asked to talk about performances, tactics , contracts or any Pr. All I care about is the next 4 games and after that I’ll have a conversation on either success or failure and who’s accountable but let’s Unite focus on Leeds and get the job done no time to argue small differences

  6. You fellas just don't get it, it's about unity and maintaining the momentum from now until the end of the season, its a rallying call I think we can all get behind it at least till the end of the season

  7. guys I like listening to you but what's all the bias against the manager , you say you are reasonablely happy with the season, I think you have to give Mikel a big up for the players he brought in and a big up to these very young team , people make mistakes so be understanding of that , I am sure that ,in your respective jobs you both make mistakes.but people don't get on your back as much as you get on his . you saidmit " snything can happen in football

  8. There is no way the hapless Arteta will get the number of quality players we need. And when he doesn’t Lee and the rest of the ambitionless fanbase will be ok with it.

  9. Another dumb comparison with Emery and Arteta again..he gonna finish in outside of Europe mate with Villarreal this season..I don't give a fuck what he wins.. Atleast we are not conceding 20+ shots against fuckin Watford and Wolves..You lot got short memories how shit Emery was una

  10. Lee as always, changes like the wind, celebrating top four. Dan as always, like true Arsenal fan doesn't except 4th as a success. So sad to see how far Arsenals expectations have fallen.

  11. Great show dynamic duo 👏👏👏👏, just got home from work and kicked the 👟👟off, a lubbly jubbly ice cold 🍺🍺🍺🍺fosters in ones hand, . . . . Ain’t had ones fav lager in almost 6 months coz of covid, could it be a sign . . . . Ones lager has returned, . . . And the top four. . . 🍻🍻🍻🍻cheers and keep up the dream gooners 🥳🥳🥳🥳, all the best from new🥝🥝🥝zealand 😄😄

  12. Once again we show we have a small club mentality. Rewarding potential failure. Even if none of us thought we'd get top 4 at the beginning of the season but none of us expected Spurs and United to be so poor. So it we don't get it on 1 game a week then it's a failure

  13. My biggesr fear is this season is a repeat of the year Leicester won it all. Thatwas a seadon where every other team under performed. Who would have thought that the likes of ManU Spuds and now Chelsea would have been this poor. If you throw in New Castle we could be out of the top 4 and even the top 6 by the end of next season if these teams perforkm to their potential.
    For me its just a contract that means very little if we drop back to 7th or 8th. It will mean that we will be on the hook for his salary but thats peanuts to the amount of money we paid for players that the manager has taken a dislike to or banished to the French League. 113 million on three players wasted not including wages and there is also the CL money that we didn't get because Arteta cost us the 7 points we needed to qualify.
    This summer will make or beak our club for yhecnext few seasons. We need a minimum of 8 players inclueding a CDM, Striker and starting LB . Xhaka is not good enough and Tierney is spending to much time in the infirmary. The rest are all good back ups .
    Guenduouzi at the end of the season will no longer be Arsenal property. The is worth 25 million book value and Arteta sold a French international and club captian for 11 million to Marseille. What a steel for them.
    If Xhaka stays its a marker that says we are not going any where. We are happy with the status quo. Thatcwill be a disaster for the club.

  14. Dan humble enough to say getting 4th isn’t good but appreciate that it has been a good season considering where we started 👏🏼

  15. We need quality striker and midfield 50mil+ each it's the only way to progress or gems. Need to move xhaka too all loans should be sold except baligun. If Arteta gets top4 he deserves respect but I'm still sceptical about artetas abilities.

  16. Dan praises unai? What is Valencia league position now? They will get no European competition next season!! Does Dan wants good ebening to be back? Can't believe this bloke…

  17. As a fan, I am not totally convinced giving Arteta a contract till the end of the 24/25 season is the right decision. I'm with Lee I'm on the fence with Arteta. He must deliver in the next three seasons, win trophies and compete with the likes of Liverpool, Chelsea, and Man City. He must bring in quality strikers and mid field players that can score goals.

  18. Dan Potts the only guy to say we would finish 8-9th this season then say not getting top 4 is a failure 🤣🤣 gotta respect the agenda and delusion

  19. Dan, you are so lost, you are talking like this rebuild is done over night. think about the rot in the club with ozil, auba and other top earners, this is big wounds that dont heal fast, patience is the Key here

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