missy started crying after knowing georgie's full story |Young Sheldon Season 5 Episode 20

missy started crying after knowing georgie's full story |Young Sheldon Season 5 Episode 20

Young Sheldon Season 5 Latest Episode 20
Young Sheldon 5×20 “missy started crying after knowing georgie’s full story”

Sheldon gets an odd request from an old friend, Paige (McKenna Grace). Also, George Sr. and Mary are caught in the middle of Meemaw and Dale’s breakup, and Georgie comes clean to Mandy, on the 100th episode of the CBS Original series YOUNG SHELDON.

young sheldon season 5 episode 20
» Starring: Iain Armitage, Zoe Perry, Lance Barber, Raegan Revord, Montana Jordan, Jim Parsons
» Special Guest Star: McKenna Grace

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26 Replies to “missy started crying after knowing georgie's full story |Young Sheldon Season 5 Episode 20”

  1. I just wanna say that Georgie should not feel too worried about his parenting skills since he practically raised Missy! And Missy seems to be an amazing person!

  2. 29/17. There is no way at her age she should not have suspected that he was waaayyyy younger than her. His conversation alone would have given him away. This is what happens when you jump into bed too soon. Georgie was too fine for her to resist. IJS.

  3. Out of all the characters in the show, mary is the one with the most interesting turn. You just start hating her. She is so fake and holds her family to standards she doesnt follow. She destroys her own marriage but smokes with her pastor. Just stop being so tightly wrapped and smoke at home girl. That would make everything better. Or buy georgie some condoms for gods sake. I know its her character and she means well but it is really starting to get to me she went from loveable to horrible.😂

  4. I wonder if Mandy is not just avoiding him because of how he lied and the pregnancy, what if she's waiting till he turns 18?

  5. When this TV show Young Sheldon started, Sheldon was the center of attention. A delightful odd kid. Others were there to react. Fortunately, all the characters over time have developed unique personalities and seem genuinely human in one respect or another. Sadly, Sheldon seems to have become a cardboard character.

  6. The fact that everybody talk to someone show how they concern about Georgy & don’t know what to do. The fact Georgy didn’t tell anyone show he has no friends

  7. I love how missy is THE ONLY one who cares about him and actually APOLOGIZED!!! The other cooper's should be VERY ashamed of themselves.

  8. You feel for georgie now as his confidence is gone and he's trying to do the right things but is just scared about what is coming, I'm glad his story is basically the main focus of the show as he is usually the comedic side show character. Also interesting that Mary never listens to her husband but listens to the pastor she finds attractive even though him and George have the same opinion about the issue.

  9. This makes No Sense! Why is Missy suddenly being nice to Georgie even though she's always a Spoiled Shallow Bitch? She's just being Manipulative! Also, why should Georgie be upset? His life has been so perfect! He's always won and got his way and bad things have never happened to him! He's just an ungrateful spoiled brat who only cares about money!

  10. While I do understand that Mindy has every right to be angry with Georgie, isn't it getting close to the point where she has punished him enough? Not saying she has to marry him, but at least let him be involved and be civil. Am I wrong?

  11. 3:08 this was extremely cringe since the family is just selfish. Georgie deserved to get bashed because he lied and did it just for fun. Who wouldn’t think like Mandy being taken advantage and lied to by a brat. Plus Missy’s bigmouth had to spill everything to one of the worst gossips in town

  12. Teenage sheldon looks and sounds more annoying than adult sheldon ever has. Lol child actors growing up is so weird! He looked so little and cute before😆

  13. The show is called young sheldon and he’s the least interesting character, no dig at the character, everyone else around him is just so intriguing and have interesting storylines. kid does an amazing job tho

  14. The last few episodes have changed who my top 10 characters are and who my bottom 10 characters are.

    My top 10 characters:

    10. Mr. Lundy
    9. Pastor Jeff
    8. President Hagemeyer
    7. Billy
    6. Ms. Hutchins
    5/4. George/Mary (I don't know which one I like better, so I call it a tie)
    3. Mee Maw
    2. Dr. Sturgis
    1. Sheldon

    The thing that changed about the above list is that Georgie used to be on it. The last 4 episodes have changed that.

    My bottom 10 characters (10 is the least bad and 1 is the worst) (these are explained because I'm sure they will drum up more controversy than the top 10):

    10. Dale (his character hasn't done anything bad in a while, but I have not forgotten season 3 episode 13, in which he invited Dr. Sturgis on his camping trip only to get jealous when he learned that Dr. Sturgis knew more about camping than he did or season 3 episode 20, when he was a jerk to Mee Maw for turning down his proposal. She doesn't have to say "Yes.")

    9. Herschel (I can understand wanting to leave Brenda, but he also left Billy. He should have left Brenda before he had kids. Plus, when he found out his daughter was bullying Sheldon, he believed her when she denied it, and then the bullying got worse. He tells George that Sheldon shouldn't let a girl bully him, but if you fight a girl, bad things will happen to you. At least he had the sense to admit that the dog was the one who left the squirrel in the Coopers' home, but he lacked the courage to stand up to Brenda when she said differently. He waited longer than he should have to leave Brenda, and now he's got 2 kids growing up in broken families, and he's probably raising the daughter but he's proven he can't raise a well-behaved daughter so that's not good. The one good thing he did was he let Georgie work for him and he discovered Georgie's gift at working with cars and specifically tires)

    8. Missy (yes, that scene in the garage was beautiful, and it was great that she figured out what happened. But, she told Heather M., the worst person you can tell. And, just the mere fact that she's still trying to be friends with that bully/fake friend would be enough for me to look down on Missy WITHOUT factoring in this episode. Oh yeah, and she's been a jerk in 90% of the episodes to date)

    7. Georgie (his character had been evolving quite nicely. And then he impregnated a girl, ignoring his parents' warnings and learning nothing from his previous pregnancy scare. That's hard to respect)

    6. Jana (it looks like dumping Georgie may not have been the worst idea. But, her reasons for opposing Georgie dropping out of high school didn't make her look good. She wasn't concerned about their long-term future, she was just concerned they won't be prom king and queen. Plus, she also had unprotected sex with him…s he just got luckier. Plus, she told Georgie to cut his hair. Don't tell a guy to cut his hair, especially Georgie).

    5. Marcus (Missy's boyfriend until he cheated)

    4. Mandy (from the very beginning, I got a bad vibe about her. Her backstory is like Penny's except she seems even worse. As the story progressed, she became even worse. She had unprotected sex, got pregnant, and now she's hiding it from her parents and keeping the baby away from her real father. Yes, Georgie lied about his age, but that doesn't excuse her from not using protection and not asking Georgie to do the same, and at least Georgie has been trying to handle the situation well since it happened. Mandy is still trying to hide it)

    3.Heather M. (No, she's not a character that we haven't seen. In season 5 episode 13, we see 2 girls mocking Missy for the skirt she was wearing and the leg hair Missy supposedly had. The closing credits said that these girls were Heather B. and Heather M. We've heard more about Heather M., and the ending to this new episode makes it clear that somebody told Georgie's secret to a lot of people. Most likely, that someone was Heather M., a bully who Missy thinks is her friend but clearly is nobody's friend)

    2. Bobbi (Billy's sister. She was also Sheldon's bully)

    1. Brenda (Oh, boy! Where to begin with her! She raised her daughter to be a bully and doesn't care that she is. Then, when her dog left a squirrel in their home, she tried to deny that it was the dog who left the squirrel. We've seen her mocking Mary and Sheldon a lot. In one episode, she killed a chicken and served it to the family, though I don't think a chicken can intentionally make a kid crash his bike in a tree. Then, Herschel got fed up with her and walked out and took Bobbi. Now she's trying to steal Mary's man. Ugh!)

    The character that worked her way out of my bottom 10 in her most recent appearance: Paige. She made amends with Sheldon after her previous wrongdoings against him in earlier episodes. I hope she will be okay.

  15. This is probably my favorite Missy-Georgie moment. I'd love to see more interactions like this in the upcoming seasons!

    Also glad the last episode in Season 5 ended better than the last few episodes.

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