MOON KNIGHT Episode 6 BEST SCENES! | Disney+ Marvel Series

MOON KNIGHT Episode 6 BEST SCENES! | Disney+ Marvel Series


Marvel Studios’ Moon Knight Episode 6 BEST SCENES! IT’S BEEN JAKE LOCKLEY ALL ALONGGGGG….. *EVIL WITCH LAUGH* I KNEW IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now streaming on Disney Plus and edited on agameofantasy. What did you think of the epic Moon Knight FINALE?1 Share your Moon Knight Reaction in the comments! Moon Knight SEASON 2????

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28 Replies to “MOON KNIGHT Episode 6 BEST SCENES! | Disney+ Marvel Series”

  1. I KNEW IT I KNEW IT I KNEW IT I KNEW IT I KNEW IT!!!!! IT WAS JAKE HOCKEY ALL ALONG!!!!!! 😂😁😁 What did you think of that INSANE Moon Knight FINALE?! Share in the comments! #ITSBENJAKEALLALONG
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  2. The steven marc combo tho.

    Harrow was to clingy with marc's suit. Steven just took over, switched into mr knight to get harrow off, skydived, marc took over, and flew back up to tackle harrow.

    I mean fuck yes.

    Also about layla
    1) she would make a great aerial ally to falcon. Both experts at the art of flying with artificial metal wings

    2) her Taweret avatar theme sounds like a light motif of marc's MK theme, with some more obvious egyptian components.

    3) her avatar suit looks amazing

  3. Did you guys notice when Steven was bargaining for their freedom with Khonshu, he said something like "I will release you both. You have my word." "Both" being Marc and Steven but NOT Jake! Well played Khonshu, well played.🤭

  4. Such a good final well done marvel 👏 of course it was Jake all along I mean there had to be a twist and man was it a good one

  5. There needs to be a cut or extra episode where we see things from Jake's perspective for the events that took place in the series

  6. Yooooooooooo brooooo this was amazing my goodness me jake is in Steven and Marc are alive this was fire I love it so so much it really has made my day yoooooo I’m exited we need a season 2 yesss😍✨🥹

  7. When I saw Steven returning back to life, all I could say was," OHHH, HE'S ALIVE, HE'S ALIVE, HE'S ALIIIIIIVVVVE!!!!" Couldn't help it, I was just excited that Steven returned. Also like how Steven and marc was kicking butt, together. Also, that post credit scene had me confused on how that was possible, since we don't know where Steven or marc is at, and Jake had just killed Arthur. When did he fully developed into Jake? Also, it was surprising that Layla became a superhero, too, and helped Steven/ Marc. That was awesome.

  8. I Feel The Reason Why Konshu Is Still Using Steven's Body Is Because Konshu Still Has Work That Needs To Be Done And It Will Be Hard To Find A New Avatar. So That's Why He's Using The Jake Lockely Persona. Marc Wanted To Do His Part And Be Free From Konshu. But Even Though Marc Spector is a more experienced Fighter, Jake lockley Is More Aggressive,Bloodthirsty And Eager To Kill, With Or Without The Suit. That's Why Konshu Is Attracted To Him And They Meshed So Well.

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