Music Professor Inspects My Beethoven Piano Style

Music Professor Inspects My Beethoven Piano Style

I play my version of Fur Elise to a Beethoven Scholar – not sure if he quite approves…

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Brendan Kavanagh


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  1. Well Brandon you just want a new fan you put a smile on my face when I was really down just before Christmas here I've had so many losses in my life and you just know how to bring it right out of me I got to smile going from ear to ear keep up the good work and thank you God bless

  2. Brendan, Brendan: Do you think your many fans should have given their left arm to know more about the music Professor? At the very least, his name. ## Having said that, a pleasant revelation that you're a fan hand at classical music

  3. The funk on this one is out of control, got that swing vibe down, I love it. I like how you always tell then to do another one, like someone is brave enough to follow that, lol.

  4. J'ai rarement vu un pianiste maîtrisant son art à ce point. Il est capable de tout jouer et de mélanger qui plus est tous les styles. Résultat franchement extra ! 🎶🎵

  5. This is brilliantly brilliant. Wonder if you could organize a show with the french equivalent Dr K named Pierre-Yves Plat ? You're both genius!

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