"North London FOREVER!" | Mikel Arteta | Arsenal v Leeds United

"North London FOREVER!" | Mikel Arteta | Arsenal v Leeds United



00:00 – Intro

00:05 – Team news: Ben White is in contention. Everyone else is fine.

00:25 – Arteta’s new contract: I wanted to show commitment to continue this beautiful journey. Me and club share the same passion.

01:05 – Leeds and Arsenal’s differing situations: Leeds want to show that they can get out of this position and we want to continue our journey.

01:30 – Rangers’ success in Europe: So happy for Rangers. After what happened to their kit man, hopefully they can win it for him.

02:10 – Different challenges posed by Leeds: We did a lot of good things against West Ham to win it but it will be a competitive game against Leeds.

02:45 – How similar will Sunday’s game be to the previous meeting: The game will be different. Leeds have changed their manager and no two games are the same.

03:15 – How Leeds will react after Man City defeat: Leeds changed to a formation they had never played before. Marsch plays an attractive way of football and it will be a good game.

03:55 – The bond between the supporters and team: The connection and chemistry between the fans and team are growing. We’ve missed that after two years and it’s a game changer for us.

04:30 – A viral song for Arsenal: I have thousands of requests from our supporters to listen to it. They are earning it and we need to give it a push.

05:35 – Keeping key players: We want to improve the team and squad. There isn’t a player who doesn’t have a margin to improve. We want to up the quality and depth.

06:15 – Keeping the clubs prize assets: We need to be prepared to control those timings. It’s sometimes inevitable but we want to maintain our principles.

07:00 – Why Arteta signed a new contract: The club was so decisive and wanted to bring clarity now. My new contract shows the stability and the project we have here. I was ready to commit here and I’m very happy here.

07:45 – When did the players find out the new contract: The players found out this morning. I want zero distractions about that and now it’s full focus.

08:20 – The new players understanding the values of the club: It’s something that needs to be explained by the players. We need to explain in detail what they’ll be believing in when they join the team.

09:00 – When did the club offer Arteta the new deal: The club offered me the contract after we’d lost three games in a row. It’s the belief that the club have in me leading this football club.


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47 Replies to “"North London FOREVER!" | Mikel Arteta | Arsenal v Leeds United”

  1. Good stuff to get him nailed down for another 3 seasons , but I’d like him to get Arsenal to the point of challenging for the league title and the latter stages of the champions league before he up and leaves . Don’t want to be negative but what with Fabregas RVP Alexis Sanchez etc getting to their peak then leaving . Onwards and upwards hopefully for Arsenal #COYG

  2. Have to give him a lot of credit because we're the thinnest squad in the top 10, and for us in this position to get top 4, congrats to him…

  3. certainly! Reaching the top 4 with this squad is just incredible! Love this man and our team, great performance from everyone. Now only kroenke has to deliver

  4. As much as I dislike the kronekes they (with artetas help) can turn things around. I'm gonna be honest I was on the fence about his appointment at the time. But what he's does in the past 10 months is a great achievement. Losing them first 3 games being bottom of the league, To fighting for top 4. Getting rid of stupid contracts. And all the deadwood ath the club. Yes we have a small team but it's a team to build on. A top class striker and midfielder and a few back up first team players we are competing next season. We have a style of play that when it works is fantastic to watch. A young squad of very talented players. I belive in Mikel to bring success back to arsenal. Well done for the job so far. Keep it up

  5. Kudos to the ownership for such a brave move and forward thinking. Its show good strategic decision to offer this contract and make a statement that the structure is solid on the inside. This could in some little way give a boost to the players for the last 4games but it's huge for the summer signings particularly once we get this top4 push sorted.. COYG!

  6. Deserving or not, he defenitely is lucky to manage this club and to get a new contract before beating Spurs and reaching top 4 that too 3rd year in charge, with no other competition to play in, with teams around us in a mess changing managers and after spending a lot of money. Contract offered after 3 losses 😂 typical Arsenal PR, they know exactly what Arsenal fans fall for. They announced it now coz they are not sure if Arsenal's gonna get top 4 come end of season to announce it then. Anyway if Arsenal fans believe that he deserves it good for them, they deserve him as well.

  7. I am..you just have to look at the fan base..they was once fighting each other.there was so much hostility..now the change is all to see..and that's down to mikel and his team..and he has his plans and has the team to execute the way he wants then to play..4th place..nah..lets go for 3rd..coyg ❤❤❤

  8. Arteta bringing back the Pride and Culture to Ouer club,not to mention bringing in players that plays for the badge!!ect…

  9. He has improved team a little, but played no in the European, No England cup, No Carling, and United, Westham and Tottenham are not good.
    He has to improve his manner at side line.

  10. We just have to beat Leeds. Shouldn't look at other games like Liverpool slapping up Spurs. We should just win our games. Hope Chelsea drop more points.

  11. So deserved, he’s cleaned out the dead wood and restored an identity. You can hear it in the stadium, our fan base have been so divided in the recent past and Arteta in my opinion has massively bridged that.

  12. Without good strikers , injured dmf ans lb still he is winning means , if he have 25+ goal scoring strikers means , he is top level

  13. Yes…he is a good manager. You just have to get your heads around finishing lower in the standings next season….likely 6th. Not Arteta's fault though.

  14. I think Arsenal would be more competitive when their is competition for every place in the team …. I think Arteta and EDU are driving towards that …thats why I believe we have a immense potential to improve in the next 3 years under MA.

  15. At the start of the season, after the first 3 games, if you told me Arsenal would beat Chelsea, United, and West Ham in consecutive games, and also be favourites for top 4 football towards the end of the season I would have bitten your hand off. Fair play to Mikel, he’s really imprinted his passion for Arsenal into the players in the squad. Even without Tierney, Partey, and a goal scoring striker we are doing incredibly well. New contract was well deserved!

  16. Another 3 years of cone layer trying not to lose more than 12 games a season and to stay less than 20 points behind Man City, this is the standards that the fake plastic fans have now adhered to. Be proud.
    This is the manager who even after spending over £250m on his 'marquee signings' is happy to start with Cedric and Holding, is still on his knees begging the worse striker in the PL, Eddie 'No Offers' Nketiah to sign a deal. Fml…
    3 years ago I offered a £3000 bet to any of these super fans supporting this clown that he wouldn't be winning the PL or UCL within 3 years and all i got (as expected) was a reminder that it's the youngest team and it took Klopp 4 years. Zzzzzzzzzz
    Well after 3 years of no takers and being right yet again, the bet still stands because i know nothing will change. Zero for 3 more years.
    Any takers or you all just fakers?

  17. Giving a new contract after those 3 straight defeats just shows the trust the ownership have in Arteta. Super Mik is here for the long term.

  18. Arteta has huge passion and personality to drive this club forward.. Very talented young manager with a bright future ahead of him. Arsenal are doing the right thing under Josh Kroenke keeping Arteta here long term. The fact that he signed with 4 more games to go shows how much faith and trust the club has in the him and his project. To them its not how he finish the season its about committing to the project which is the first priority of the board and owners. This also indicates that the objective this season was to get back in Europe which is already achieved and now we find ourselves favourites to make top 4 which if achieved will be an incredible job.

    Top 4 will give Arsenal a boost because they will be able to accelerate the project.

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