[OFFICIAL VIDEO] Killing Me Softly – Citizen Queen

[OFFICIAL VIDEO] Killing Me Softly – Citizen Queen

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Hannah Mrozak – @hannahmrozak on IG + TW
Kaylah Sharve’ – @kaylahsharve on IG + TW
Kaedi Dalley – @kdphilo on IG + TW

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Citizen Queen

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34 Replies to “[OFFICIAL VIDEO] Killing Me Softly – Citizen Queen”

  1. What complete crap!! just look at all the fake shit on those "ladies" I am sure they have been seen walking the streets a few times dressed up like that!!

  2. Fantastic arrangement and performance of a classic song. Excellent harmonies, elements of the classic version with some really nice modern touches. No over singing, no competing with each other, just really nice effortless performances complimenting each others sound.

  3. thee quarters of the way thru, from left to right, first girl 2, then girl 3, then girl 5, YEAH!!! im a Christian guitarists, my name isn't even of importance but knowing every melodic note was given by GOD my desire for the last 35 years was to play beautiful notes to move some lonely, broken, heart to GOD, just like you moved me & my heart with what was just a simple melodic run with your three voices, THANK YOU, GOD bless you all

  4. Can U just imagine smoking a lil WeeD with them all, & then have them all break out with this song @ your place? A dream come true for me…just saying good folks.

  5. So what purpose is the green-haired girl serving, in this performance? Does she ever actually sing, in any other of their stuff, or is this her sole function?

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