OH OK! Trapp N Kush See's Jesy Nelson Best Live Vocal Performance [Video] for the FIRST TIME!

OH OK! Trapp N Kush See's Jesy Nelson Best Live Vocal Performance [Video] for the FIRST TIME!

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Jesy Nelson


34 Replies to “OH OK! Trapp N Kush See's Jesy Nelson Best Live Vocal Performance [Video] for the FIRST TIME!”

  1. jesy has a unique tone to her vocals that just hits differently this video didn't do her any justice I totally agree with you the sound quality was so off there are much better live vocals from jesy…..love how honest and real you both are…any hate from mixers just means they aren't real mixers we don't do any form of hate as mixers it's not what the fan base is about I apologise for any negative comments from false mixers who believe all the tabloid drama……great reaction awesome channel

  2. Jade is my second favourite after Perrie but I don't why now Jesy is rapidly starting to grow on me too. It's amazing how when she was in the band I didn't put her in my top two but now I guess because she left I focus on her part whenever I watch old little mix videos and now that I'm properly focusing I really really enjoy her deep,sultry voice. Her voice is crazy unique, like you know immediately it's her that's singing. I feel guilty for not appreciating her voice more before. I mean I always knew she had the best stage presence along with Jade but I feel bad for not truly appreciating her voice more. I guess we truly appreciate someone's value when they're not available anymore :")
    Imma go cry now, excuse me

  3. Perrie is definitely the best vocalist, Jade is amazing too, Leigh has improved the most since the beginning…. But there’s something so unique about Jesy, she’s always been my favourite because she’s the most interesting to listen to

  4. Love all the Jesy content the last few days! She's so versatile and unique. What video were you guys talking about at the end with the opera? Did it already come out?

  5. i think theres a lot of phone recording clips cause only their singles get tv recordings and jesy doesnt usually get to shine much in their singles. her best moments come from album tracks imo. cant wait to hear her on her own now especially her first acoustic live performance

  6. These videos didn’t do any of the girls real justice bc they all got better vocals than that especially for Jade and Jesy. Perrie is Perrie so no surprise she still came out on top but even she has better vocals than this. Can’t say that this was their best live vocals bc it really wasn’t, I’m thinking of better clips right of the top of my head lmaoo. Feel like you guys gotta hear more though but technique wise Jade is probably second. Jesy has a lot of range and versatility you can tell but she never really got a chance to fully showcase it during Little Mix definitely not as much as Jade has, this video didn’t showcase that but she’s a lot better than what this video made her out to be.

  7. Nah whomever did the video didn't understand the assignment. Perrie's is easy to do because she has most raw power parts but highlighting the strengths of the others ladies could have done a bit better.

  8. I've not seen this compilation yet but I'ma just comment what I know I like about Jesy's voice first then watch. What I love in Jesy's voice is the way she emotes. I really like that soul, Jazzy and blues sound her vocal gives.
    Her range is wider than what she gives but in groups you have roles, so you get elements here and there.
    Very decent chest belting vocal, very strong vibrato(which she polished up over the years to make it sound better). She beat boxes that's dope also.

    Her unique sound is an advantage solo as easy to recognise and Little Mix did an excellent job to placing her perfectly in the songs they do as when a tone so different it can make it harder to fit in but it worked great.

    Not my fav vocally in group but definitely know she has superb talent in what she brings.

  9. Not trying to tell y’all what to react to but F U is a hot track and Joan of arc but FU for sure . little mix I agree with these phone recordings awful 😞. Or just react to the studio versions these phone recordings suck a$$ lol 😂 I don’t understand why people put these videos together with crappy a$$ recording . We don’t want to hear no muffled sound 😂

  10. great reaction .I personally think jade and leigh are the most versatile ones but loved your reaction you guys should react to their friendship videos they are some cute clips on there

  11. Thank you guys for giving Jesy a chance! She is a performer and her stage presence is off the charts. Her voice is so unique, her tone, her vibrato, her mixture and placement, the way she delivers the words. Not many singers have that today I think, you recognize her immediately. She has a better chance now to explore her voice and singing style, she has range and versatility so she can only go up with her solo project

  12. Love ❤️ it ‼️🌱
    Dope 💯 lolls
    Awww I think as a fan , we know the songs so even the unclear clips we know but yessss I definitely agree that the clips was unclear ‼️❤️
    Thanks 🙏🏽 for reacting to the video !! Much love, & respect ✊🏽 – you guys are AMAZING 💯❤️‼️🌱

  13. I feel like you also need to realize that high notes doesn’t make you the best singer. Lower notes, riffs, controlled vibrato, falsetto can sometimes be harder. And, holding notes for a longer time or making them higher doesn’t always work for the song. So I feel like the girls do a good job at making it all work, they work really good together.

  14. I don’t know if it’s because I know the songs or if I have excellent hearing, because I could hear her pretty well in the performances you couldn’t.
    In “Nobody like you” for example I could hear all the low notes. Also, they sounded beautiful😍

  15. Please can you react to Joan Of Arc live at LM5 Tour.. I know it isn't a personal request but so many people have asked for it on past videos from what I've seen

  16. Trapp N Kush ALL DAY EVERY DAY BABY… these clips BETTER be GOOD as I had to turn off the Jade video as the CLIPS were TRASH. Jade is MUCH more talented than those clips showcased arggggggh 🙄😫😫😣😤😭😭😭☹☹☹

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