Online learning could change academia — for good | Tyler Dewitt

Online learning could change academia — for good | Tyler Dewitt

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Higher education remains rooted in rigid, traditional structures and tracks — and it’s at risk of getting left behind in favor of expanded access, greater flexibility and tailored learning. Educator Tyler DeWitt explains how innovations in digital content and virtual reality are ushering in the future of learning, emphasizing why academia must adapt to this new reality and embrace an approach to education that works with students’ needs — not against them.

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47 Replies to “Online learning could change academia — for good | Tyler Dewitt”

  1. Unfortunately (as a career academic) I don't think higher ed will bend this far, at least not until it is forced to rise as a phoenix from the ashes.

  2. My experience studying from South America in courses in the US for me online learning change how we communicate with one and another and change our behavior and these things that seems impossible in 19st century, change the data, change everything, we have now, we have much more data that our parents didn't have two hundred years before and for these claims, people have more opportunity to employment and a career that the people in the 20s century like women that spend their in home, watching his children behave.

  3. As accurate as you illustrated it! Covid only quickened the process. Regardless of how rigid & conservative our academic systems may seem, e-Learning is the future of education.

  4. I think if we have the will and attitude to study hard, we can achieve the most efficient achievement, whatever the platform of learning is.

    If we continue to have that willingness, I think platform makers will improve the quality of educational video to teach better on online platforms, and the online educational platform will be able to develop further.

  5. How do I budget my earnings for me to run my household better? Go on You Tube.
    How do I install a fan? Go to You Tube.
    How do I make a delicious Pozole? Go to You Tube. What’s Pozole? Go to You Tube.
    You guys get it.

  6. Online learning has been the single most detrimental and devastating event to happen through my education. I could not learn online, and I know for a fact that the majority of my colleagues and the students around me did not perform nearly as well as with in person, traditional schooling.

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  8. University used to be the only place to acquire knowledge a long time ago, but that is no longer the case. Universities should focus more on research and community building, and delegate teaching to the thousands of online resources.

  9. those kitchen tutorial videos were the ones that really made me get hooked on chemistry in my high school years, especially the VSEPR videos, thanks to my teacher who recommended it to my class and used it as her teaching material. Even in this video, you still teach me a lot of things and not limited to chemistry, but life perspective too. Really glad you seem to be doing well today Tyler!

  10. Using videos is a tool that is overlooked these days. In the 90s we used them a lot, but some teachers became too reliant on them. It's a balance of using in class instruction and other resources. For videos, teachers need to watch as well so that they can answer questions that students have about the content of the film.

  11. It didn’t even occur to me that this was THE Tyler was the one who did those videos! I’m not a Biology major anymore, but his videos helped me the most when I was struggling with Chemistry

  12. Finally someone who really gets to see that education must be a full mind blowing experience with different modalities that fit in with each person’s learning approaches. Tradition is not going to be eliminated, but actually transformed into its brightest being. We need more people learning. It does not matter how, if efficiency is guaranteed.

  13. You are also neglecting that there is more than getting credits and final grades. You seem to forget about the deep personal relationships that might build with a traditional “physical” professor-student interaction. In an online course there would be unfortunately nothing like that. No random chat with other professors or researchers, happening in the corridor.

  14. I'm currently doing a doctorate in physics. The wealth of material on research topics even at such an advanced level available on youtube is amazing.

  15. Sounds great but a fully commercial education will not bother learning you life skills as working in teams on applying gained knowledge but just focus on getting a good grade on some test

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