Our intention is always to PLAY I Tottenham v Arsenal I Mikel Arteta press conference Part 2

Our intention is always to PLAY I Tottenham v Arsenal I Mikel Arteta press conference Part 2

0:00 INTRO
0:20 our intention is always to play
1:05 difficulty of taking over a club – like Arsenal or Tottenham?
2:00 time frame of a project
2:45 Covid has been one of the biggest issues I’ve had to deal with since been a manager
3:10 only thing acceptable here is winning
3:40 good for NLD both teams strong
4:25 I do not allow players to have excuses if they are fit – we will play with what we have
5:00 we will do whatever it takes

Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta addresses the injury and Covid situation which threatens to have Sunday’s derby against Tottenham postponed.

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28 Replies to “Our intention is always to PLAY I Tottenham v Arsenal I Mikel Arteta press conference Part 2”

  1. Arteta is a serious guy but I don’t think we will witness another Gunners side even close to the greatness of the invincible team with him and the current ownership at the helm… that is the bar which has been set.

  2. More waffle and piss poor excuses from cone layer in requesting to postpone the Spurs game on Sunday due to the shortage of available players. This of course a poor attempt to cover his failure of preparing for the AFCON absentees and loaning out better players than who he starts with (only Odegaard is out with Covid )
    This is what happens when the board hire a clueless clown as manager and it's no surprise at all to me of his actions but no doubt the Arteta fangirls see no wrong doing and will continue to support him..

  3. Postpone Arteta if Liverpool are given a Blige by the Fa we cant meet the requirements to play spurs apparently so Postpone it we cant keep getting sabotaged while other teams exploit it e.g. Liverpool im shameless get it called off

  4. Arsenal have Smith-Rowe and Odegaard out to covid, KT, Tavares, Chambers, Saka, etc are all injured basically Arsenal have 12 fit players and Premier league ruling states a club needs 13 minimum.
    Other fans saying use your youth players….Why didn't Man U , Liverpool etc use their youth players ? just hate.

  5. Both teams need to rest their players anyway. Spurs fans will complain because it's us and they think we're scared of them because they stupid.
    We have to face liverpool next week, if we don't postpone we will have more injuries.

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