Partey to Juventus rumours, Pepe's Arsenal future, Conte's comments and Milan's linked with Saliba

Partey to Juventus rumours, Pepe's Arsenal future, Conte's comments and Milan's linked with Saliba

I discuss the latest Arsenal news, giving my views on transfer rumours linking Thomas Partey with Juventus. I also discuss the futures of Nicolas Pepe and William Saliba and look ahead to the North London derby against, reacting to comments made by Antonio Conte in his pre-match press conference.

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24 Replies to “Partey to Juventus rumours, Pepe's Arsenal future, Conte's comments and Milan's linked with Saliba”

  1. Pepe hasn’t adapted to the EPL he has never shown any of the talent he showed at Lille definitely needs to move on he had his opportunity to prove himself and failed apart from a few flashes of brilliance

  2. Arsenal should not sell 😑 😒 😤 🙄 😐 😂 Nicholas Pepe or other players because Arsenal needs to strengthen the squad to compete 👏 😴 🙄 😉 😳 😏 in the championship league.. We need to pray for Arsenal to win 🏆 🙏 🙌 😢 😔 😪 on Thursday to play ▶️ 🙏 🙌 😀 👏 😢 in the championship league. Arsenal rocks 🙏 🤲 🕍 🕌 ⛪️ 🪨.

  3. Sell pepe…bring back Reis's nelson…he's a different player from saka..but direct speedy and his descion/tactical side of the game has really improved.

  4. We haven't paid all £72m for Pepe. At the end of the season, he will have 1 year left on his contract, and thus we will owe Lille between £10m – £15m.
    So if we can sell him for even £20m, and have the club take that debt to Lille off us, we will have done well enough.

  5. Arteta trying hard not to make mistakes but ends up making a lot. PePe should have started last game to give Saka a rest but he didn’t . Saka was not feeling good but he was forced and that’s why he had a poor game. Pepe is not a bad player. He isn’t really happy at Arsenal and that’s why he’s under performing. Arteta overly used players instead of rotating the team.

  6. Given Partey's on and off form and injury record, I would not be too concerned if Partey left. I think we could buy a more reliable midfielder with any fee he would currently command.
    He can be great on his day but his days have not been frequent enough to make him a team member that we should never lose.

  7. Why can't Arsenal never be able to value players like other clubs isak 70 million
    Bellingham 70 million Napoli koulabaly 80 million and they stuck with it how comes Spurs kept hold of son and kane throughout prime whilst at arsenal after one good season a player is linked away.
    And board has a history selling players of for cheap emi martinez only 20 million etc
    The club needs to seriously address this issue

  8. I think Saliba, Nketiah, Holding, Elneny have all done well for themselves and they deserve to play champions league football with Arsenal next season. They've earn't it.

    We are The Arsenal 🔴⚪

  9. Party is a good player but I don't think he's put 10 consecutive games for the club since arriving. And he's supposed to be our muscle in midfield. I would consider it if it frees up funds for someone like Serge Gnabri from Bayern to play on the wing and Ndidi from Leicester to play in Partey place in the Midfield.

  10. Mmm I’m not sure, I think the only person from our team to leave this summer will be laca, possibly xhaka and nketia. Can’t see anybody else leaving

  11. Man City sign Haaland we resign Elneny the gap just got bigger. Our club is badly run we moved to the Emirates to compete with the big teams in Europe we cannot even compete with the Manchester clubs and Liverpool. I am still Kroneke out.

  12. Arsenal would be unwise to sell Saliba. Every club needs at least three top class centre-backs. Rob Holding has been excellent in recent weeks, but he is not a sufficient starting threat to our regular pairing. With European football next season there will be plenty of opportunities for Saliba. He would also create real competition for Gabriel and Ben White and that’s an important consideration.

  13. Charles coworkwer journlaist i send you a respecteable hugh-the match versus Tottenham Hotspur will be hradest difficult but not impossible 5o defeat for sure working hardest with awareness humillity perseverance commitment respect prudence showing good actions good attitudes propositivity courage discipline-Partey belong's at oue team him it's guner please join to Juventus i doubt that forbidden put eyes on our midfielder because him it's an important footballistical piece in our team for sure we need a good replacement for him urgently Elneny it's guner deserve's a new contract becausr trough actions attitudes always showinh the best of him for our team like a replacement or in the first always respondas withb6he best of him-mister Mikel Arteta our coach manager have's a complicated match versus mister Antonio Conte coach of Tottenham Hotspur for sure but it's so mutch good listen the awareness for the corona virus this illness it's so dangerous for everyone of us that's so fine becoming of Arteta-the derby will give us tye ticket the option to play the Champions will be amazing live that situation our return at Europe in this atmosphere will be amazing-Nicolas Peoe being respecteable humble educated replyed a cycle in our teal their sale will be so mutch urgently so mutch important so mutch necessary fof our goodness like for their goodness of the footballer gave's the best of him but their time finished for twenry millón pounds(20.00000000£) it's the exactamente price for mistee Monchi representant of Sevilla-the joining of Saliba at Milan will be fine being respecteable humble him deserve's to play but if our team decides keep him in our team i will respect that because that decission belong's to Arteta iam only want's the best for our team Arsenal the sale of Saliba for me will be fine but that decide's our coach

  14. Conte is a mind game merchant. I was taught if you cant say anything nice then dont say anything at all. Somebody should tell conte. Hes a nasty bit of work

  15. Juve only spend the money they find inside the sofa, 75p usually their budget, or freebies from clubs that let players run down their contracts like us.

  16. Partey should leave he can win leagues somewhere else we are a Banter club holding his career back he probably look at the Arsenal dressing room and says why am I playing with these bums on my team bruh I came here from Athletico

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