PEACEMAKER Ending Explained | Episode 8 Breakdown, Cameos Explained And Full Season Review

PEACEMAKER Ending Explained | Episode 8 Breakdown, Cameos Explained And Full Season Review

PEACEMAKER Ending Explained | Episode 8 Breakdown, Cameos Explained And Full Season Review. We breakdown, recap and explain the ending of Peacemaker on HBo Max. The James Gunn Show features a Justice League Cameo starring Jason Mamoa as Aquaman and Ezra Miller as The Flash. It also concludes the Butterfly saga.

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0:00 Peacemaker Ending Explained
0:40 Season Recap
4:02 Episode 8 Breakdown And Easter Eggs
4:09 Justice League Cameos
8:51 Peacemaker vs The Butterflies
11:07 Ending Explained
12:01 Season Review

Welcome to the Heavy Spoilers show I’m your host Paul aka Peace Taker, cos I take the Peace…do you see what I’m saying and this video we’re breaking down the ending of Peacemaker.

From the intro to the end the show has been a blast and the series went out in style with the doctor of Thuganomics himself John Cena at the helm.

Expertly crafted by James Gunn we’ve followed on directly from the events of Suicide Squad which released last year.

Throughout this video we’re gonna be breaking down the entire show and because of this there will be heavy spoilers. If you enjoy the video then please smash the thumbs up button and also don’t forget to subscribe for videos like this every day.

With that out the way, thanks for clicking this, now let’s get into Peacemaker.

Ok so first up I wanna do a quick recap of the series but if you wanna skip ahead to just the ending then timecodes will be linked below.

In Peacemaker attempted to destroy any evidence of Starro’s existence so as to preserve the peace. After killing Rick Flagg, he was taken out by Bloodsport who is now not the worst dad in the DCEU I’m talking about you White Dragon.

Mr T. 1000 year reich.

Though is seemed like he was killed, the post credits scene revealed that Peacemaker survived and the series picked up on the other side of this with the character recovering in Hospital.

Harcourt and Ecomonos were sent to watch him by Amanda Waller and he would soon get his first assignment after the Corto Maltese Job.

Chris was approached by Murn and the rest of this sub team which included Amanda Wallers daughter. Tasked with taking down alien parasites known as the Butterflies we’ve followed the group as they’ve attempted to stop them.

Along the way we also got introduced to Peacemaker racist father The White Dragon, who’s basically a white supremacist Iron Man.

Early on things turned south when Peacemaker accidentally slept with a Butterfly host and he wound up having to kill her.

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