Players look up to the attitude, quality and career of Ronaldo! Man Utd 1-1 Chelsea | Thomas Tuchel

Players look up to the attitude, quality and career of Ronaldo! Man Utd 1-1 Chelsea | Thomas Tuchel

0:00 Intro
0:05 We were strong but lacked precision, happy with performance, and unfortunately did not get what we deserved
1:15 Pleased with how we played and created chances but felt a little but was missing in the last bit
2:00 Kai Havertz needs to fight back to good form, we’re not going to start pointing fingers,
3:00 It’s frustrating not winning because we created so many chances but conceded to their only chance. Happens that you concede after scoring.. but still happy with dominance and only result 
4:25 I think many players can look up to the attitude and quality and career of Ronaldo
4:45 How do you marry work rate with decisive edge? That is the target – need to get players to adapt to the schedule in this league, physicality. A lot of them are still young
5:51 Pleased with Reece James? We missed him for 12 weeks and we are still in top 3. Today he showed the quality we missed with Reece out. issues with injuries and decisive players being injured like Kante, Kova, Chilwell
7:06 Did you feel edgy atmosphere? Yes, but not for us but for our opponent. We have our own situation, we were very focussed and spot on.
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47 Replies to “Players look up to the attitude, quality and career of Ronaldo! Man Utd 1-1 Chelsea | Thomas Tuchel”

  1. Problem is Chelsea now don't have a quality number 9 in their squad. Lukaku is a very good striker but he can't fit in this playing style, and he lost his form.

  2. When we win: " imagine, with this young team what we will achieve when the players in their prime".

    When we lose: " This players are not Chelsea quality, we will never win the league"

    Why is it in moments of heightened negative emotion that we forget that the difference between prime and young players is experience.

    Decision making comes with experience and maturity.

  3. Should have started lukaku in both United ties. Man wants to prove a point. Kai has given a lot this season and Werner never stops giving his all. Lukaku supposed to be fresher.

  4. I love to hear people badmouthing about cristiano so he can show them what he got. And he always did. So please.. badmouthing him more often 👍😂

  5. Its simple. Change formation to have offensive players in the final third. Our players are not intelligent enough for 1v1s which is what a 3 4 3 does. Tuchel must adapt or he has to go. If our defenders were good enough we will play back 4. Thank god Rudiger and Christensen are leaving, average players.

  6. We dont have a Ronaldo in the team, that's the different. It's frustrating because Chelsea create tons of chances but always fail to finish them. Players like CR7, Karim, Sadio, Salah, D.Jota, KDB, Gabriel Jesus and a few more names they only need a quarter chance to convert them to a goal. Now compare to Chelsea players. Can they do that? Even if our forward had that Cristiano's chance yesterday there's no guarantee they can finish it.

  7. The problem with Chelsea is that we have too many players with "potential" and they are given too much time to prove themselves which becomes detrimental to team performance.

    If we aren't ruthless in the summer and get rid of players like Werner, CHO, RLC, Sarr, Lukaku, Jorgino and even Ziyech then there will again be no title challenge. One or two average games after a poor run of form shouldn't automatically make you a starter. Right now the standards are too low at Chelsea.

    Recruitment also needs to match the coaches vision and philosophy

  8. We were supposed to go and screw United sideways like Liverpool and city did instead, we obliged them with a free blow job.

    Chelsea must learn to be ruthless!!!!!!

  9. From next seasi hope tuchel will change his formation to a 4-3-3 it will be the best for the gamestyle of chelsea and they’re loosing their centre backs as well🫡❤️

  10. Chealse creating chances but no one to score
    United not creating any chances but there is Ronaldo to drag them through.
    Maybe chealse should just try to get ronaldo as these is no CL for MU🤷‍♂️

  11. cr7 is united

    he is the best example for every single young talented player.

    because he is world class and he always wants to win and train

    elanga could be a real good player

    rashford is a disaster

  12. I think someone should convince Ronaldo to join Chelsea. Chelsea may not be man city and liverpool but they have so much potential. I don't think he would ever join man city and liverpool because of the past intense rivalry with both clubs.

    If Ronaldo joins Chelsea just before retirement he might help the club win multiple trophies perhaps a third champions prior to retirement. Best way to end the career. Also he will be a role model for Pulisic, Werner, and Kai.

  13. It looks like that these day, we play of other teams tempo and reactions. Plus Jorginho in the middle is like let’s chill and kick back, TT is up2 something, this was deliberately football to draw United

  14. Chelsea really need no 9 that with a good finisher. Lukaku is not only can't score he also can't dribble can't run with the ball and loses the ball many times at his feet! 🤦‍♂️ Chelsea played good but the same problem can't score but we must give credit to David De Gea. He should play for a better team not MU.

  15. I think Thomas learned from klopp
    Klopp smart he knows how communicating with any kind of player
    I am not sure but I was thinking thomas is a controller and he pretend him self like a king and scary this is 21 century nobody scare him when he treat a player good players nice to him

  16. If Chelsea can't beat man u in their 💀☠️ death bed, who Chelsea is going to beat 😳🤷🙄😯👎😡😧🤫???? consistency makes the difference, remember both Arsenal and Brentford games which were insulting and embarrassing, top teams don't play that way.

  17. Tactical decisions were right formation on point just the chances didn’t go in the net 21 shots 6 shots on target compared to there 6 shots 3 on target plus 65 ball possession to there 35 need to work on finishg

  18. Chelsea are professional chance wasters. At this point, teams shouldn’t even be afraid if Chelsea create chances cos they can’t finish to save their life

  19. Lets be honest, CFC dominated the game, truly gutted, with the space they gave Chelsea to work in, imagine if Man City or Liverpool were playing against Man U tonight?.. 5-or 6 nil?

  20. ”I really hope in 2022 you become THE best version of yourself. I hope it will be your beat year ever" If you are reading this, take it easy and have an amazing day!🔥

  21. With Christensen and Rudiger leaving, we should find a defender who could play in back 4 formation.

    Take kante back to his initial position (DMF), rather than playing box-to-box. He’s getting old to play that role and kept doing mistake in these last few matches. That way we can focus more on attacking, when we have more player on the final third.

    And we should sell Lakaka or give him away for free..heck I’d even give money to get rid of him from my club

  22. Was a painful watch could have scored 3 or 4 once again we’ve dominated but do t take our chances it’s the story of the season and it’s been this way for a few years now

  23. CR7 is among highest scorers in the PL this season… but “he’s the problem at United”
    He’s scored a lot of goals that were marginally offside aswell 7-8 of them

  24. We wont be contending for the title anytime soon if the new owners dont address that forward line not just the forward line the entire team Midfield and Defence so frustrating watching that attack squander chance after chance

  25. Sometimes can Tuchel stop making excuses?
    The attackers can't score many easy goals as a compared to Man City and Liverpool so Tuchel stop making excuses… Possession is not what Chelsea want.. You're a very good coach. Chelsea need a guy who can score like Drogba and Costa

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