Press Review: Arsenal target Aaron Hickey & Thierry Henry has his say on Saliba 🤦🏻‍♂️

Press Review: Arsenal target Aaron Hickey & Thierry Henry has his say on Saliba 🤦🏻‍♂️

On today’s edition of the ‘Press Review’, Harry Symeou discusses the rumours linking Arsenal with a move for Bologna and Scotland defender Aaron Hickey, Thierry Henry’s comments regarding William Saliba and Roman Abramovich wanting his money back! Plus, more!

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15 Replies to “Press Review: Arsenal target Aaron Hickey & Thierry Henry has his say on Saliba 🤦🏻‍♂️”

  1. Harry, great pod. I don't agree about the captaincy issue. I think we can have a team captain that rotates between 1-3 players. The team is very young we don't need to have just 1 captain. I like Tierney as captain and I don't think his injuries prevent him from carrying the armband in certain situations. I like having Odegaard as first choice and Holding or Tierney moving forward. As fans we don't have good information about what's really going on about the Saliba situation, so we are judging things we don't know about. We were told that club was in talks with Brentford for a loan deal. If that was true, he'd be closer to EPL proven right now if he'd moved to Brentford when they were in the championship than in Ligue Un. i think he still might need a loan in the EPL to get on his feet in England. I'd still support the loan move next season to Brentford (assuming they stay up) if Arteta isn't sure he can start. I don't want him on the bench at Arsenal next season with distractable fans talking week in and week out about "why is he not playing" and also taking every opportunity to slate Benjamin White if he has a less than perfect performance. Remember when fans were calling for Martinelli every single week but actually he wasn't actually ready (?!) Arteta actual does know what he wants from his starters and he didn't think Saliba was ready. Saliba was signed by someone else who isn't even working for the club anymore, if Arteta didn't rate Saliba he would already have sold him. Henry is a legendary player but has no credibility as a pundit or manager, period.

  2. Arteta is part of the process that doesn't necessarily mean that we think he is the one to take Arsenal to winming leagues and titles. He has done what the club have hired him to do so far… He's stabilized the environment, got rid of the egos in the dressing room that were affecting our culture and he's changed the mindset of our players…… Whether he can take us up another level once we get into Champions League remains to be seen. When Liverpool got Brendan rodgers that was part of their process then they got Jurgen Klopp. City went through a few managers as well before they reached the levels they are at now with Pep.

  3. Kroenko destroyed our club, whatever they do till there last day in Arsenal will never fix that!!!! Who ever replace Kroenko will be better, you and Kroenko see football as a business so we dont need people like that in football with that opinions!!!! Football is never a business as a prime or secondary. Talking Fans that are costumers in football is also awful thinking of a FAN, and stop disrespecting TH, if you dont like his comments no problem, but sitting there telling that he is this and that, failed coach or whatever is disrespecting the player, what is the coach staff have anything with the comment?!??! Stop disrespecting TH!

  4. Respect to the Arsenal legend Thierry Henry but I take issue with his comments bearing in mind that he is not privy to all the facts about the Saliba situation. I sense some amount of envy in his inappropriate remarks. ⚽️🇯🇲

  5. I don't often comment, but I always watch your vids they really help me to relax when I have a lot of anxiety. I don't know you personally Harry, but I know you're a good lad. Thank you my brother.

  6. Harry; the masses and twitter space will be coming for your head here by daring to rebuff anything TH14 says on ANY subject.

    Like you; I loved the guy in our shirt! One of my favourite ever players and a living legend (no doubt about that) but the guy does say alot of nonsense & does have an axe to grind now with MA (not without some* valid reason mind you)

    As you said; too many our fans cant separate the player from the pundit and he is given Infallibility status regardless of whatever bunk he comes out with.

  7. I 100% agree with you Harry. Henry has an agenda, he was probably promised the managing job by Eck. Rather than supporting the club he is trying to tear it down with his ridiculous comments. He has that childish attitude that "if I can't have it you can't either". Arteta on the other hand has handled his foolish criticism with class, he has just ignored them. Arteta has over achieved with this current crop of players and one of the main reason for that is the unity and fighting spirit he has brought to the club. There is no better manager for the job in my humble opinion than Arteta, he did the tuff things that needed to be done. He did open heart surgery on the club and removed the cancers that were plaguing it so now with a sound foundation he can build, going up one storey after another, and like he said, the project will soon go "Bang!"

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