Prima Donnas 2: Kendra's dreadful wedding | Episode 80

Prima Donnas 2: Kendra's dreadful wedding | Episode 80

Aired (April 30, 2022): Tila nadaanan ng bagyo ang kasal nina Kendra at Jaime matapos tumutol ni Lady Prima at ibunyag ang lihim na itinatago ng huli.

Catch up on the recap episodes of ‘Prima Donnas’ weekdays at 2:30 PM on GMA Afternoon Prime, starring Jillian Ward, Althea Ablan, and Sofia Pablo. Also in the cast are Aiko Melendez, Katrina Halili, Wendell Ramos, Chanda Romero, Benjie Paras, Elijah Alejo, Will Ashley, Vince Crisostomo, and Julius Miguel. #PrimaDonnas #PrimaDonnasRecap
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33 Replies to “Prima Donnas 2: Kendra's dreadful wedding | Episode 80”

  1. Joke time ba yan? Sobrang pangit ng execution. Ang corny ng mga stunts. Hindi pang national tv. Sayang yung story, sayang yung cast. Nakaka frustrate.

  2. Huhuhuu grabi talaga matapos na rin lady prima ang galing po niyo ma mis ko rin ito ang little princess tapos narin ay lab you po sa inyo lahat😘😘😘😘😘

  3. Ahahah!, saan kapa nakakita na itinutuloy ang kasal na wala ang nanay mo..odiba?! Hayst storya talaga… o jAime, wag mo sabihin bubulagbulagan at tatangatanga kna nman.. tapusan niyo ang storyang wala nman patunguhan..

  4. Wait! Hold-up! Since tumakbo si Aiko Melendez (na gumanap na Kendra) as returning councilor in Quezon City for 5th District, kinunan ba yung huling scene bago ang Local Campaign Period noong March 25 and during her busyness in preparation for the campaign? Kasi for her is super busy not only in campaign but also Kumustahan at Pagtulong sa mga ka-distrito before the campaign period dahil namiss niyang maglingkod sa serbisyo publiko. Just curious guys!

  5. I'm sorry but the finale of Prima Donnas 2 got me tons of questions and left me hanging on a cliff. I know it's just a show but I listed and narrowed down 5 things that bothered me after watching the last episode yesterday:

    1. BETHANY – We were waiting for the REAL Bethany to come out alive at the end. At the very last minute of the episode we still hoped for it.. but NOTHING. Tho of course it was already impossible because of that dead body they already buried that they had mistaken as Kendra. If real Bethany is dead, how come they only had a bland reaction? But imagine if she was actually alive then there would be two "Bethany's" who would fight. (That would've been so interesting.)

    2. DONNA LYN – Everybody's most awaiting moment was for Donna Lyn's reaction when she finally finds out that her beloved tita is actually gone. But no. They failed to show that very moving and emotional part. Bethany's character was so promising. She was so innocent and so kind and loving especially to Lenlen. It's like the character was just taken for granted. The Claverias in general just seemed skeptical of her death. #JusticeForBethany

    3. KENDRA & HENRY – Although the two are dead, therefore justice for Bethany is far feasible, but come on.. we have to at least see the Claverias mourning for Bethany's death? And her assistant Aura, what was her reaction and where was she? And most especially Donna Lyn who was the closest to her, how did she react? Kendra and Henry was supposed to be smart and notorious for doing witty schemes.. yet they got outsmarted by a weak old Lady Prima. (Plus Carla who was an insensitive prosti but suddenly turned into a superhero lol)

    4. BRIANNA – One of the scariest things in the world is when our parents are gone. How much more when you witnessed with your own two eyes such tragic deaths of both of your parents? Put yourself in Brianna's pov.. seeing your dad being pushed by his enemies and fallen to his death. Then your mom got stabbed in the stomach, bled and eventually died. And yet, she was fine asf and looked so happy attending Lilian and Jaime's wedding. She even made friends again with the Donnas. I guess trauma and depression don't exist in their world. (They're real issues in my world btw)

    5. JAIME & RUBEN – Lastly, Jaime's infidelity and Ruben's martyrdom. The former has cheated and lied multiple times while the latter has always been there and was always been willing to do anything to prove his undying love even though he got so many rejections already. And there's Lilian who's so blinded by her so called "love", and still went to marry Jaime while leaving Ruben again. Yes, Ruben was not perfect as well because he sabotaged with Kendra at some point. But we can't deny he genuinely loved Lilian ever since the beginning. And where was he at the finale? Just like Aura, he went to Alaska. (I hope u get the joke lmao)


    When Prima Donnas 1 ended, everybody loved it so much that they demanded for another season. When season 2 started, everyone was so excited.. But got disappointed because the story is just recycled over and over.. It's always Kendra manipulating the Claverias and no character development for Kendra and Brianna. Only Donna Lyn had an impressive character development. (Those are all according to the viewers and I couldn't agree more.)

    If I were to be asked for Season 3, no thanks. Season 2 started fine but ended disastrously. It's like a school project being rushed because the due date is up.

    I only found interest in the scenes of Ms. Sheryl Cruz (Bethany/Kendra) with Sofia Pablo (Donna Lyn) and with Elijah Alejo (Brianna).

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