PS Plus Games for May 2022! Download Free Games for Your PlayStation

PS Plus Games for May 2022! Download Free Games for Your PlayStation

Here’s a look at your free PlayStation Plus games for May!

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16 Replies to “PS Plus Games for May 2022! Download Free Games for Your PlayStation”

  1. Oooh I am stoked for this round of freebies! I've never played a FIFA in my life, maybe I'll actually try it? Definitely interested in Curse of the Dead Gods, and Tribes of Midgard looks interesting though I haven't personally seen anything on it before.

  2. I have a theory that Dead Gods is a prequel to darkest dungeon where you play as the ancestor and the dungeons is him finding the heart of darkness

  3. Tribes of Midgard and Dead Gods seem like great inclusions, FIFA feels like EA was good with giving it away for "free" because most people who would buy it have it by now and this way maybe they can get a few more people into their microtransaction machine since that's how they really make their money on it.

  4. Curse of the dead gods came out around the same time as Hades so I'd guess they had the same development window. It's great for instant action where you don't have to be invested in a story. I too am not a football fan in real life and thus couldn't care less about fifa, seems to be the same game every year anyway. One of the rare ps plus games i will not be getting just because it's free. Unlike spongebob or plants vs zombies garden warfare etc.

  5. Pretty disappointing… fifa which people who like the game actually buy and another ea sports title, after ufc and nba + 2 indie studio games by the look of it :/ .

  6. I feel like if youre a FIFA fan youve already bought FIFA, couldnt care less myself but Dead Gods LETS GO!!! I was THIIIIIIIS close to buying this months ago glad i didnt now haha!!!!!! (Hey Arekkz hope youre well brother 🙂 )

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