Punk Rockers Turned Into Pussycats By Baroque Music

Punk Rockers Turned Into Pussycats By Baroque Music

The calming influence of classical music can be seen by the exemplary behaviour of a couple of Punks when they are exposed to Pachelbel’s Canon in D.

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Brendan Kavanagh


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  1. La música es increíble y interpretada por estás dos personas se escucha genial . Una verdadera gran pieza musical interpretada genialmente . Un abrasó desde México

  2. Because nobody sat in a boardroom last year and said "Ten months from now the kids will all be playing Vivaldi on the cello in shopping malls." It's the people listing to Taylor Swift on their iPhones through their Beats earbuds that the punks will have a problem with.

  3. Absolutely Love the Chello. All young people need musical opportunities alot less would be on drugs and dieing for sure 😊 blessings. Beautiful ❣️

  4. The only ones with sense enough to take the time to listen to one of the greatest musical masterpieces ever written performed by two superbly accomplished musicians. What a rare treat!!!

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