Python Projects – Learn By Doing – #1

Python Projects – Learn By Doing – #1

In this video series we are going to be building a multitude of different python projects.

These are complete, start-from-scratch, python programming with complete line-by-line explanation of what is going on in the code.

In this first video we are coding a baby name generator!

This video is going to be knocking out:

Python 3
Python programming
Loops and lists
Python video tutorial

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  1. can you help me with this?i'm getting error at the highlighted line. I followed your code. whats wrong here.
    import random, string
    name_length=print(input("Enter the length of the name:"))
    letter1=input("choose 'v' for vowels,'l' for consonants")
    letter2=input("choose 'v' for vowels,'l' for consonants")
    letter3=input("choose 'v' for vowels,'l' for consonants")

    def generator():

    if letter1=='l':
    print(input("is your letter in the fhc or shc:")

    if letter1=='fhc':

  2. Inspiring video. I hit Like and Subscription both. Thanks for the video. My one question is could the function be more brief using for or while something? The only thing changes is just numbers, so I thought shortening the function would be even nicer.

  3. i think u should know this is overwhelming UI for a beginner. try to use something that is more eye friendly like sublime text or Jnotebook.

  4. Thanks for sharing! Can you please explain how to treat exceptions in this situation? For e.g. if a user types a number (or other character) instead of a letter, it will show up in the name

  5. Hi, I tried replicating your program but for the last file, when i try running it, I get the error 'babynames is not defined'. Please how can I correct this?

  6. import string
    import random

    vowels = 'aeiou'
    consonants = [x for x in string.ascii_lowercase if x not in vowels]

    def gen_name():
    length = random.randint(2,9)
    name = ''

    name += random.choice(string.ascii_uppercase)
    while length >= 1:
    if name[-1] in consonants or name[-1] in str(consonants).upper():
    name += random.choice(vowels)
    elif name[-1] not in consonants or name[-1] not in str(consonants).upper():
    name += random.choice(consonants)
    length -= 1
    return name


  7. Uuuuummm, video series starts with some environment set up but no instruction or description for those watching on how to do so??? Start at the begining bro not at "OK lets import this string" and assuming everyone has any idea what your talking about. Followed by A LOT of random unnecessary talking. Learn by doing….Learn by doing what 1st????? I don't turn my computer on and see your console. Good effort but the caffeinated speed and amount of random talking combined with the small font is EXTREMELY annoying, not helpful. There's a python boot camp video series on udemy you should reference and revamp your content. Just constructive criticism from a beginner, much appreciate those sharing knowledge and trying to be helpful but you very much need to polish your efforts to make this usable and valuable to others. CupofCode = "too much coffee" + "before uploading video"

  8. Personally.. I think your code is too repetitive. Your inputs of 1-5 could of been cleaned up with a loop function. Or you could of just took a list of baby names that where 5 letters put them in a file and did random choice on them.. buy hey what ever works for you. Good content none the less.

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