Qt5 C++ GUI Development Full Course For Beginners | C++ GUI

Qt5 C++ GUI Development Full Course For Beginners | C++ GUI

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In this Qt5 C++ GUI Development, we have a complete Full Course For Beginners,

What is Qt5 (C++ GUI)

Qt 5 is the latest version of Qt. It enables developers to develop applications with intuitive user interfaces for multiple targets, faster than ever before. Qt 5 makes it easier to address the latest UI paradigm shifts that touch screens and tablets require.

Developers can be more productive and flexible with the improved support for JavaScript and QML in Qt 5, while still having the C++ foundation and Qt Widget support. HTML5 developers will feel at home with the Web offering that includes Chromium-based Qt WebEngine and Qt WebChannel.

Qt 5 is highly compatible with Qt 4. It is possible for developers of Qt 4 applications to seamlessly move on to Qt 5 with their current functionality and gradually develop new things leveraging all the great items Qt 5 makes possible.

Cross-platform portability is made simpler in Qt 5, thanks to the new modularized codebase consisting of the essential and add-on modules, and the consolidation of the Qt Platform Abstraction.

The following sections summarize some of the key features that Qt 5 brings to the table.

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22 Replies to “Qt5 C++ GUI Development Full Course For Beginners | C++ GUI”

  1. 1.47.38 even I applied run Cmake I still can't see the icons. Did anyone have the same problem? I use Qt creator 6.0.2.
    Thanks for a tutorial.

  2. سلام لطفا به من ایمیل بزنید moradi13831@gmail.com. برای یک پروژه نیاز به همکاری دارم . و شماره واتس اپ به من بدهید

  3. only 30 minutes in and i so far have learned more now than i ever did with the stupid "tutorials" qt has their website. Better off reading a list of funcitons and what they do, at leat then you will only be confused on how they work together

  4. Parwiz Sir! You are an excellent educator, your pace is solid, your understanding of the marital is extensive and this video was packed full of wonderful information. Thank you, and you deserve way more thumb-ups!

  5. 2:31 Introduction And Installation

    17:02 First Hello World Application

    22:11 First GUI Application
    29:03 Signal And Slots
    37:42 Creating Layouts
    48:18 Adding CSS Styles
    55:57 Creating PushButton
    1:01:09 QCheckBox
    1:07:31 QRadioButton
    1:15:31 QComboBox
    1:22:42 QListWidget
    1:32:27 QMessageBox
    1:39:26 QMenu, QToolbar
    1:52:13 Creating PrintDialog
    1:59:32 Creating FontDialog
    2:05:46 Creating ColorDialog (Creating PrintDialog)
    2:11:36 Creating FileDialog
    2:16:26 ??(Creating FileDialog)
    2:21:18 Creating Progressbar
    2:26:29 Creating Animations/QPropertyAnimation
    2:31:55 Controling Animations
    2:37:53 Parallel Animation Group
    2:37:53 Sequential Animation Group
    2:53:07 Creating StateMachine
    3:06:14 Drawing Text And Line using QPainter
    3:16:54 Drawing Rectangle using QPainter
    3:23:13 Drawing Elipse using QPainter
    3:28:23 Gradients In Qt5
    3:40:55 Connecting to Mysql

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