Race for the Top 4: Arsenal or Spurs? 🤔👀 Sam Matterface & Darren Ambrose debate who's favourite!

Race for the Top 4: Arsenal or Spurs? 🤔👀 Sam Matterface & Darren Ambrose debate who's favourite!

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27 Replies to “Race for the Top 4: Arsenal or Spurs? 🤔👀 Sam Matterface & Darren Ambrose debate who's favourite!”

  1. Chatting complete nonsense just for the sake of saying something, it’s not in both clubs hands, it’s in arsenals, unless I’ve completely misused what it means my whole life, which is a possibility tbh 🤣

  2. Just what if arsenal wins all the remaining matches? Have y'all ever thought about that? Yeah Arsenal have been inconsistent but people only see arsenal losing some games but what if they win all the remaining games? That would be so sweet

  3. I’m just gonna say Tottenham have won one match against big 6 of the premier league and Arsenal at least beat Chelsea, man United, Tottenham🤮 and don’t forget that Arsenal was robbed in Match against City at home

  4. The king is naked but who will tell.him.the eyes are bought tongues are tied 😜😜😜what pr it's insane…..was brought to win the treble were 11 points of city last year now 35 points headed to conference league but look at the what millions spent can get u 🤔
    Viva penaldo

  5. While Conte is a serial winner in domestic leagues, he struggles in Europe. So, he might no necessarily do better than Arteta in the Champions league

  6. Antonio Conte is not an elite manager in European competitions. But you’re absolutely correct, both teams are not currently equipped to compete in the CL, however Spurs are better equipped as it currently stands.

  7. Darren clutching at straws as a spurs fans at points there…. Both clubs have small club mentalities. Tottenham will probably pip Arsenal though, can’t see Arsenal beating Tottenham and Newcastle

  8. Yeah we are here just because of fortune? Give Credit pls when its due. we're the youngest side in Prem. and we fight with passion. And we'll only improve from here.

  9. 🔥🔥FACT🔥🔥
    Arsenal WILL lose to Newcastle.
    Tottenham WILL lose to Burnley.
    🔥🔥🔥🔥Take it to any DeFi bank 🏦 NOW!

  10. Tottenham don't have the luxury of going all-out attack on Liverpool like they did against city if they concede first, they will have their lungs ripped the moment that happens in Anfield, while if Arsenal concede first against Leeds, they have the players to go all-out attack on a below average Leeds defense. So yes, next week has all the signs of Tottenham dropping points here.

  11. There is a brilliant title challenge is going on….. But these bunch of idiots like to debate about top 4 finish…. 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  12. Who is favourite is not up for debate. 'Favourite' is a betting term and relates to the contestant with the shortest price with the bookmakers. Arsenal are CLEAR favs. That doesn't mean they are home and hosed of course. Favourites get beat all the time

    What you are doing is predicting who comes out on top.

  13. I'm a spurs fan but with the fixtures coming up we don't beat Liverpool and I think arsenal are in the form of grinding games out and even if they lose to us they'll still have the points on us. I think they'll get it

  14. Sam mudface the fella sounds exactly like his name the bias in his voice is unbearable please kick him out of talks port he's embarrassing wow!

  15. If Liverpool bash Tott and arsenal beat Leeds, Tott will be going into the NLD quite demoralised. Arsenal can go and beat Tott at WHL, they’ve just got to get their tactics right. Every single team that’s played a relative low block against Tott, Tott have struggled. Two world class forwards are carrying Tott through, but they are by no means a dominant team.

  16. If arsenal beat Leeds and Tottenham lose to Liverpool.And Tottenham win out the season, Arsenal can’t drop any points in those last two games or it’s spurs 4th

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