“Ramsdale is Shocking And Arsenal Fans Insufferable” TMATGB West Ham 1-2Arsenal

“Ramsdale is Shocking And Arsenal Fans Insufferable” TMATGB West Ham 1-2Arsenal

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26 Replies to ““Ramsdale is Shocking And Arsenal Fans Insufferable” TMATGB West Ham 1-2Arsenal”

  1. You say Ramsdale is shocking yet he's definitely surpassed all Arsenal fans expectations. All over the place? He's the only goalkeeper playing in the league who's not concerned a goal from a corner, cos he controls his area an catches everything. You'll probably tell me Fabianski is a good keeper; he makes more mistakes than a drunk 16 year old girl 😂 Arsenal pass down goalkeeper

  2. I knew your mob would roll over for Arsenal, just like Chelsea did. Both you and Chelsea's cup finals are Spurs, embarrassing really.

  3. It's funny how when Arsenal fans were in turmoil & kaos, screaming "Wenger Out" all other fans laughed & enjoyed it, calling us all sorts, now Arsenal seem to be getting back on track, Arsenal fans are insufferable & not allowed to celebrate wins… jog on 😂

  4. Terrible keeper but got 12 clean sheets in the prem and you couldn’t get a goal past him at the emirates either but yeah he’s terrible thanks for the 6 points 😅🤣🕺🏿

  5. Did you also have an issue with Antonio's challenge on Ramsdale in the reverse fixture that wasn't carded (rightfully) because there was no contact?

  6. "He's a terrible goalkeeper" Yeah mate sparkling analysis. It goes against what literally everyone else in the football world says but you, the bitter mug in the West Ham cap, you know better.

    Good luck in Frankfurt on Thursday you lot are gonna need it.

  7. Ramsdsle is what 25? Not many keeper his age or younger at that level in world football…. Maybe donnuruma but he’s now a bench merchant. Goalkeepers peak at about 30 so call him shit all you want but you clearly just don’t understand the world of goalkeepers 👍🏻

  8. Are you bitter coz you were beaten or since when has westharm been a problem to Arsenal. You should know your place. That way it won't hurt Soo much

  9. Got to agree with you mukka. I'm a retired FA Referee (albeit at grass roots level). I thought Mike Dean was going to send Ramsdale off (which I would have thought was harsh) but instead he cautioned Bowen for Simulation! What the fuck!!? Bowen never dived, he instead jumped over a possible contact and injury. The Laws of the game are quite clear " Trips or attempts to trip an opponent". "Kicks or attempts to kick an opponent". There does NOT have to be contact for it to be a foul. And just because an attacker hasn't been fouled (in the Ref's opinion) It does NOT automatically ensue that he must have dived and therefore gets a yellow. Mike Dean is and has always been a cunt… a useless cunt. He was so far out of position when that happened, he had to get a brief instruction from his assistant and called it a yellow for simulation. No bias from me… genuinely not; I'm speaking now as a Referee and not a West Ham boy of some 50+ years…. Ramsdale's challenge was careless at the very least. = Free kick to the attacking team. You could say it was reckless…. = free kick and yellow card for the keeper.
    At the end of the day fuck Arsenal, fuck Mike Dean and good riddance AND at least it knocked Spurs out the top 4.
    Every cloud and all that.
    Roll on Thursday. Come On You IRONSSS!

  10. Emotional much? I have seen another westham fan saying we lost to the worst Arsenal side, what does that say about your team then. For the record you lot lost the most games to Arsenal in the history of the premier league than any other side.

  11. Nick I think you need to rewatch the game when you have spare times respectfully. And even Bowen himself was honest. Also, Game Management. That’s what West Ham need imo

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