‘Real Madrid celebrated loss to Man City LIKE A WIN!’ Did they get their tactics right? | ESPN FC

‘Real Madrid celebrated loss to Man City LIKE A WIN!’ Did they get their tactics right? | ESPN FC

ESPN FC’s Gab Marcotti and Julien Laurens take a deep dive into Real Madrid and Manchester City’s tactics in their Champions League semifinal first leg. They ask whether or not each manager got their tactics right and look ahead to the second leg in Madrid.

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Manchester City

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34 Replies to “‘Real Madrid celebrated loss to Man City LIKE A WIN!’ Did they get their tactics right? | ESPN FC”

  1. No one celebrating this loss. Fans are relieved that s only 1 goal deficit and you know what. Madrid has full confidence in themselves and think that they can reach final and beat Man City because its at Bernabeau 😎

  2. Funny how City Has spent so much Billions just to take the UCL,yet may never even Reach the Success of RM in this lifetime or probably the next. City With their rich squad due to Arab money defeats RM by a narrow win and everybody seems to be shitting their pants and saying RM IS NOT GOOD, an FC thathas been consistent for the lat 20 years of the Competition "Not good"?? Are u kidding?!

  3. Madrid got lucky (and I’m a Madrid fan) but it’s been this way the last 3 rounds. That being said being down just 1 is a lifeline I’ll take any day. Madrid struggled but a lot of it was caused by alabas injury and not having casemiro- so city fans can stop talking about how much better city is with cancelo because Madrid is much better with casemiro than with kroos.

    Here is the truth that is clearly visible from the last 3 rounds and ancelotti keeps making the same mistake- you cannot in anyway have kroos and modric starting together- they are a liability defensively when they are together- this is why whenever camavinga plays he changes the game in all aspects from energy to defensive play because he provides a mobility that kroos and modric (especially kroos) just don’t have. When will ancelotti notice this? Who knows- amazes me that he as much experience he has still can’t figure this out.

  4. Gab is the most annoying & dumbest analyst I’ve ever heard in my life I swear. I feel sorry for juels having to put up with him week in and week out.

  5. IF IF away goals still stood. City will probably squeeze through but then again, Modric and Benzema can UNLOCK ANY SIDE. If Real qualify they go on and WIN IT.

  6. Is it in the stars that Real Madrid will lose the final in Paris, to the last team to beat them in the final of the European Cup/Champions League, which was also in Paris? Liverpool.

  7. Ima say it like this. The first goal that City scored shouldn’t have been scored: atrocious defense

    The Foden goal was Vini not playing hard enough and the CBs were also lacking: atrocious defending

    The 4th goal was an absolute screamer that everybody stopped for before it happened which was another gift.

    Y’all city/English fan boys are crazy if you think y’all are going to come to the bernabeu and destroy us when we can’t play worst defense than what we just showed. We’re also going to have Casemiro back which means y’all won’t destroy the midfield like you guys did and Alaba should be fully fit and Militao should have a better game, the difference between us and you guys is that we don’t need to take 30 shots to make 3 we only need like 5 or 6. You guys need 30 shots to make three and I don’t think it’s gonna happen this game

  8. If Madrid is to be stopped from winning 2022 champions then they should allow Real to be in the final otherwise it's going to Spain.

  9. Every time Real beats the odds "oh is just luck". Any team when they beat Real "we are the best football team in history". Irrelevant speck mentality teams.

  10. Still don't know why Fernandiho played…. He should have put Romeo Lavia on the pitch. Let the kid go make a name for himself these are the type of chances you give the youth players.. Allow him to go make a name for himself.. Show trust!! Rather then play a 37yo against a young fast/energetic 21yo. Klopp would have done this and I'm sorry to say it.

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