Recalled (2021) 내일의 기억 ​Movie Trailer | EONTALK

Recalled (2021) 내일의 기억 ​Movie Trailer | EONTALK

The movie trailer with English subtitles for “Recalled” 내일의 기억 (2021), brought to you by EonTalk.
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Starring: Seo Yea-Ji (서예지), Kim Kang-Woo (김강우), Yeom Hye-Ran (염혜란), Bae Yoo-Ram (배유람), Kim Kang-Hoon (김강훈)
Release Date: April 2021 (Korea).
#Recalled #내일의기억 #KoreanMovie

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#Recalled #내일의 #기억 #Movie #Trailer #EONTALK

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