Regular Expressions (Regex) in JavaScript – tutorial

Regular Expressions (Regex) in JavaScript – tutorial

Learn the basics of using regular expressions / regex in your JavaScript applications.

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39 Replies to “Regular Expressions (Regex) in JavaScript – tutorial”

  1. Hi..can someone help me on my problem…how can I sort, filter and set ranges columnwise on notepad ++.. I am struggling to find the right solution for this issue I am facing..thank you in advance..

  2. Question: I have the following regex and text and i would like to match all doubles. However when I try to match them all it skips the 2nd line. How come? Note i am working in bash via mac terminal.
    what flags should i used besides -o and -i
    ([a-z]+) +1
    Paris in the the spring.
    The theoretical viewpoint is of little value here.
    I view the theoretical viewpoint as being of little value here.
    I think that that is often overdone.
    This sentence contains contains a doubled word or two two.
    Fear fear is a fearful thing.
    Writing successful programs requires that the the programmer fully understands the
    problem to be solved.

  3. I don't get where he is testing [a-z]{1,4}. Your testing if it has 1-4 characters? (name is) is more than 4 characters, so how come it evaluates to true?

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