Sailing passage to paradise Misool(Learning By Doing Ep168)

Sailing passage to paradise Misool(Learning By Doing Ep168)

Another sailing passage you say?? Yes we are on the move again, this time from Fukfuk to Misool in Raja Ampat. Pretty boring passage, mostly under engine power but it was spiced up with an amazing sunset then an epic electrical storm at night. Once we arrived we show you how we fix the boat in place when its impossible to anchor.
There’s also a bonus section but you’ll have to watch till the end for that one.

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26 Replies to “Sailing passage to paradise Misool(Learning By Doing Ep168)”

  1. 💖💖💖, places like this exist?!.., by boat only, I've said it before, but I'll say it again, best one yet!!..👍👌😎😎😎😎⛵⛵🐬💞

  2. Hello Marie and Vernon. My five year old son and I watch your videos together and are deeply inspired. He studies all of your preparation and techniques. We love your vibe and are grateful for your channel. We sail a 25' c&c mk2 in Rhode Island, USA. We hope someday to follow in your wake (in a bigger boat ; -). Until then we will travel virtually with you. Thanks to you both for all the beatiful videos!

  3. Good grief….I can feel the jealousy coursing through my body. What an incredible setup and location. Paradise. You're truly living the dream….I hope to do the same soon.

  4. Great drone footage. I fly a MA2 so always look forward to when you throw the drone up. Gotta love “Golden Hour” no matter where you are! 🌅

  5. Regulars, dont forget to LIKE Yes another great episode of intrepid exploration. Nice teamwork, nice video and drone footage, great locations. Learned something about mooring (nice anti-chafe hose !). In case of a lightning strike would it help protect a handheld radio by putting it in a metal box ?

  6. Your adventures in this area of Indonesia is the reason I first started watching your videos way back when. I love this area. The diving is some of the best in the world. I would love to see more underwater footage of you guys exploring around the islands. I hope to have my boat there one day. What is the depth under the boat where you are tying to the rocks?

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