SEVEN's End?! – Star Trek: Picard Season 2 Episode 9

SEVEN's End?! – Star Trek: Picard Season 2 Episode 9

We’re at the penultimate episode of Star Trek: Picard Season 2! But is the season going to knock it out of the park with the last two episodes, or are we going to be faced with a similar situation to the first season? This is that a lot of the story is attempted to be tied up in the last two episodes of the season.

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Video Credits:
Written by Jack Trestrail
Presented by  @Captain Jack 
Edited by Troy Courtney-Hart

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Title: SEVEN’s End?! – Star Trek: Picard Season 2 Episode 9
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27 Replies to “SEVEN's End?! – Star Trek: Picard Season 2 Episode 9”

  1. Oh look another Star Trek dedicated channel shilling to the worst and franchise killing Star Trek show in existence. ** off if you claim to be a Star Trek fan and like this atrocity

  2. Ok. I have not seen the entire end of Picard season 2. I have a bunch that Q may get his powers back before he dies in order to end making things right. That is hypothesis 1. In case that don't happen, one way or another, Reneé Picard succeeds in completing her mission. The rogue Soong is hindered in his attempt to disrupt the mission by the Juratti-Borg Queen – similar to the Body Queen attempted stopping the launch of the Phoenix in First Contact – so, Soong fails in his attempt destroying the ship with Reneé. The Borg Queen as Juratti, in her new changed state, hinders the sabotage and brings aboard Picard and the crew. That is hypothesis 2. What if Picard somehow convinces Soong about a descendant that would change the course of history for the entire Quadrant, saving countless lives in laying down his own. Perhaps that legacy is the best course that Soong should consider. Otherwise, there would not be any commander Data in the 24th century to save the galaxy from the Praetor menace. It would then lead to every planet with any living organism turning to dust, from the effects of the Thaleron weapon. That is hypothesis 3. So it's imperative that they all return to the point just when the Borg Queen in a mask appears on the Bridge of the Stargazer. Only this time, Picard does something different than before. Rather than calling for Self Destruct, he calls out the name of Juratti and that leads to the mask opening to reveal the new Borg Queen… probably saying something that she would in her fully human "Did you miss me?", or perhaps the new Borg slogan. You call that in episode 9, Juratti proposed a new type of Borg collective, in which everyone's individual qualities are respected and used for a greater good…no more dominating species with Resistance is Futile…this time it would be "Join us if you wish." The members will not have all the ugly pipes and integrated gadgets like they have been for centuries. They might have things like the nanites, but they would not serve a sinister purpose. Probably to help accelerate healing process, and communicating with others as and when necessary.

  3. More likely than not, TNG crew returning in Season 3 is another alternate future that also ends in the assimilation of our galaxy 🌌. Nothing that can’t be handled by a few trillion Emergency Combat Holograms!

  4. Thanks again. Great review. As you alluded to, some things are getting resolved. But other plot elements are being held for the last episode. Not usually mentioned, but John De Lance is a great actor too. We can look forward to some great scenes with Sir Patrick as Q's plot line is furthered. We still do not know if the next episode will end with a cliff hanger or clear decks for season 3. Cheers.

  5. A show that once exemplified the highest aspirations of human potential, helping to reassure us that, for all our flaws and struggles, there's still something inherently good and noble about the human spirit, now acts as a dark, depressing mirror for all the worst aspects of whatever passes for modern culture. Farewell, Star Trek.

    Near the beginning 'The human soul has a dark corner, the universe, which is its reflection.'

    Near the ending ‘The universe has a dark corner, the human soul, which is its reflection.’

    A Space for Reflection.

  6. We are the borg, they spent our entire budget on the B-action direct to VHS bargain bin sequences. We will now only use makeup from dollar general to assimilate you, no prosthetics!

  7. If they kill off seven it would be a mercy killing. That character is already dead. This series is really bad. It’s not Star Trek. If you can sit and enjoy this garbage then you will sit and watch ANYTHING They put in front of your eyes.
    Picard season three has already been made, presumably with the exact same creative team that put this mess together, so I expect this to all get worse really. And if you’re hoping strange new worlds is going to be good… Sorry to say it, but it’s the same creative team for that show as well.
    For the sake of the reputation of this franchise I sincerely hope season three gets canceled and never sees the light of day.

  8. Personally I'm looking forward to a real Star Trek Production , Strange New Worlds with Captain Pike, Spock and Number One! I rate Picard with 3 star. They went back in time in a alternate reality and tried to change things for their reality? The only thing they changed is in that alternate reality is they freed the Borg Queen who was going to be executed to end the Borg once and for all and went back in time with her and made it possible for her to assimilate that reality 400 years earlier to change that realities past thanks to Picard. Did they make changes in their original reality? They do not know how to get back to their original reality without Q's help and when they make it back they may find out the Borg Queen on the Star Gazer is actually Q playing another one of his games to teach Picard a lesson as he has done before. Season 2 episode 1 The Borg Calling for Picard and only Picard why? The Borg Queen shows up with a helmet on unidentified requesting peace . Perhaps one of Q's lavish schemes/illusions Holodeck programs like Q did in the episode Picard versus Q in Sherwood – HD (TNG, S04 E20).

  9. Makes you wonder how a widely discredited scientist has so much power getting Special Forces types, etc., but then again, we have Dr. Fauci…..

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