Should Arsenal Fans Still Have Doubts About Mikel Arteta? | The #CantonSymeou Show

Should Arsenal Fans Still Have Doubts About Mikel Arteta? | The #CantonSymeou Show

Should Arsenal Fans Still Have Doubts About Mikel Arteta? | The #CantonSymeou Show

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11 Replies to “Should Arsenal Fans Still Have Doubts About Mikel Arteta? | The #CantonSymeou Show”

  1. I think Arteta has found some form of consistency. The only thing that gets inbetween that, is changing up in this thin squad. (i.e. Xhaka at LB) I think with a bigger squad it will be easier to play more consistently.

  2. Arteta is a young Coach. It's easy to still have doubts. He's still making young mistakes but you can see he's learning quicker. Improving tactically. Managing player's better. I think the Kroenke's are managing Arteta the same way they've been managing Sean McVay (Rams). Their expectations of them may be different. Arteta has a FA Cup and McVay has a Superbowl trophy. But I have more doubts about Arsenal staff (Edu, Medical/training, and recruiters/scouts) than Arteta. He shouldn't be getting blamed for the transfer window and injuries.

  3. I think finish 8th on 2 seasons is a legitimate reason to doubt Arteta. Finishing top 4 is a good season. Outside of top 4 is not a good or a bad season, its as expected as Arsenal have the 5th best team in the league. So finishing 5th or 6th can't be something that needs to be praised regardless if we finished 8th in the previous season. I don't accept the notion that we were expected to finish 8th in the previous season. I do think we have improved this season, but it's insane to me for others to think questioning the manager based on what he has done in the last 2 and half years is wrong just because he has had 8 months of good work. Now I do not want him to leave, I want to see what he can do for this season and next season, but if others are still questioning his managerial skills I feel they are absolutely justified based on 2 and half years of work bot 8 months

  4. Tavares wasn’t brought in as the finished article. He was brought in as a diamond in the rough to be trained and shaped into a gem.

  5. Wow this lot are preparing the fans for the let down cause they know deep down top 4 ain’t happening…if arsenal don’t make top 4 this season its an opportunity season going to get harder

  6. Arteta has exceeded my expectations this season. Top 4 will be the icing on the cake. Congratulations Arteta and the team. More successes.

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