Should Arsenal Pay The Money For Dusan Vlahovic? | Canton & Symeou Show | #LetsTalkArsenal

Should Arsenal Pay The Money For Dusan Vlahovic? | Canton & Symeou Show | #LetsTalkArsenal

Should Arsenal Pay The Money For Dusan Vlahovic? | Canton & Symeou Show | #LetsTalkArsenal

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37 Replies to “Should Arsenal Pay The Money For Dusan Vlahovic? | Canton & Symeou Show | #LetsTalkArsenal”

  1. There was no flapping around with Partey, we offered an amount and gave Madrid the chance to accept knowing we would get him on the last day anyway. Madrid played it wrong. We have been superb in the market since Edu came in I'd say. Midfield is a big issue and should have been addressed. I can only assume we have something happening and to get the right player rather than just a body is the reason why it has not been done yet.

  2. Last season , despite our disastrous 11 game slide , Arteta was much better in the second half of the season , where he came in second after Jan . He did this with our ragtag team . Let’s be slightly optimistic that we are in a much better position and should hope fully get top four .

  3. Why are we not looking at Patrick Schick . His stats are better than Jonathan David and Isak. Tom could you do a tactical break down of all four . Thank you .

  4. Should just go for Watkins, J David, then use some money to get midfiders and backup rb! All that would probably be just slightly more money than Vlahovic!

  5. We need to walk away from the Vlavercich as we need a CDM and RB also there is a World Cup coming in Dec so to shell out so much on an unproven it would be better to strengthen the squad.

  6. We knew about AFCON months before the season started and we didn't buy a midfielder in the summer. Letting Ainsley go just before the derby is a bad decision imo. We need a midfielder before a ST.

  7. Break the bank for vlahovic (I heard we’re offering £150k rising to 300k through bonuses, Willian style) and sign Danilo who is a left footed midfielder like xhaka

  8. This will destroy the pay structure when we go to extend Saka Gabi and ESR. Not to mention any new signing wiil want a huge bag of money. 70 mil transfer 160k/wk wage would be the ceiling. Don't forget Pepe looked like a world beater before he signed.

  9. Big money outlays, as you say, are scary because of where that may leave the club if the player doesn’t work out.
    Mind you, if he does work out, Edu and Arteta will have been geniuses.

  10. I don't really agree when I hear fans say 'its not my money, so I don't care' so good to hear an accountants POV. Admittedly its tough to quantify 'overpaying' because value is subjective to the player, buying & selling clubs needs. But it does impact the club when they get it wrong so I feel we should care whether its because we have strengthened a rival through overpaying or committing long term to poor players or weakened our own cub by having players we can't use or sell tying up valuable resources and potentially damaging the culture – Kolasanic was a big risk because unless he excelled he was naturally going to be almost impossible to sell (free transfer + large salary based on free TF) or Pepe who's price strengthened selling club more than us considering his cost/wage and that he hasn't really ever been consistent at Arsenal (Tom rumoured to be selling for 25m and still need to find someone prepared to match his salary). The sad thing is that we can add long list of names topped off with Auba ad Ozil to the bad decision making giving them both contract extensions or Willians contract in general as whopping overspends that tied up funds and positions in the team/squad. The changes to the recruitment framework and cutting our losses over the last 18 months are encouraging signs (assuming their salaries are not silly) because signing players on the upward curve with a higher possible ceiling increases the likelihood of us being able to sell them more easily and you would hope not at a loss when we do.

  11. I go for vlahovic since we need goal scoring striker. Isak may not meet our demand with his recent scoring stat and price tag. Jonathan and Patrik may be better alternative

  12. We don't know what happened in the AMN case. How he went fast, means that the move was in the making long before the transfer window opened. And long before Xhaka got Covid.
    Also, any of you guys know if AMN said he wasn't going to play another game? He might have been promised more playing time when he didn't get the move last summer.

    They could have someone lined up to come on the first week of January, and it fell through.

    We don't know all the details that goes on in any transfer that happens. You hear White and Ramsdale said that they heard news that Arsenal wanted them from before the EURO's. Nuno said that he heard that Arsenal wanted him from the season ended.

    Please remember Matt Ryan. We didn't hear a peep that we are going to sign him until he was signed. And he heard about 2 weeks before.

  13. Tom and Harry. Great show as always .
    if we go all out for vlahivic £55/80m on Vlahovic no chance we sign a Guimareas in January leaving us with targets like Melo , Wijnaldum , Zakaria or Kessie.
    if we go all out on a Guimareas £46m we ain't gonna go for our Auba replacememt then a 2nd choice striker like Jovic , Cabral , En Nesyri . as we still have Auba Laca and Eddie, if by some reason Auba or Eddie leave then yes we need one of our number 1 targets right now .

    tho according to some we have a list of 3 targets at CM and 3 alternative to Vlahovic as ST .

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