Sister Wives Season 16 Episode 8 Two Cliques (January 9,2022) Full Episode 720HD

Sister Wives Season 16 Episode 8 Two Cliques (January 9,2022) Full Episode 720HD

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Sister Wives Season 16 Episode 8 Two Cliques (January 9,2022) Full Episode 720HD

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30 Replies to “Sister Wives Season 16 Episode 8 Two Cliques (January 9,2022) Full Episode 720HD”

  1. I just can't get over how manipulating Robin is she's so tired of it she got everything she wanted the wife status the house everything she's gotten everything since day one she's so manipulative they need to cancel this show I'm sorry people like that should not be benefiting and being allowed to even just interact with the public

  2. Wow it's unbelievable how much rabbinism manipulator narcissist she's so controlling she even turns it around like she's the victim when she's the one controlling everything trying to make it seem like it's all Cody she knows damn well what she's doing I feel so bad for these other kids and the wives and it's just unbelievable how she came along and started messing everything up

  3. Kodi needs mental health help. This dude is off his rocker, for sure! I don't want any of my wives sharing a kitchen. Is this new, since Robyn came along? They all shared one in Utah. 🤔 In other words, stay out of my woman, Robyn's, kitchen!

  4. Robyn is THE most fake human being to walk the earth. I wish these ladies would walk off, leave him in the dust! Let him have the other master manipulator in the family, aka Sobbin Robyn. Buh bye now.

  5. Best thing anyone every said to Cody….thank you Janelle. I can’t believe you all didn’t say that to him much sooner.
    Let Cody go to Robin and her nanny. They are truly the pair that want to be together.

  6. it really annoys me how Kody, Meri and Robyn keep saying that Christine and Janelle didn't see it as 'important enough" to follow the rules. They chose their kids over the rules. Why would that even be a contest??

  7. Not letting Meri in Robin's house before now is beyond bizarre and unnecessary. Using Covid-19 as an excuse to keep family away. Robin and Cody are selfish people.

  8. Cody and Robin are the only 2 in a relationship out of this "family". Meri should be living it up! F Cody! I don't believe Jenelle, Christine or Meri have had sex with Cody in year's like 5 or more. Robin is a Jezebel. The 4th wife is the only wife.

  9. And did anyone else notice how quickly Robyn gave her digs about the other children and the wives when she said how she and her children love Kody and want to spend time with him that’s why they fellow his rules ?

    Truth be told her children don’t have a life outside their home. No boyfriends or girlfriend and I’m not even sure if they have friends outside of their siblings.

  10. This is why Robyn gets so much hate from the fans of the show. She absolutely loves playing the victim and always puts her negative vibe when it comes to the other wives and children.
    She could of told her children hey guys Janelle and Christine can’t make it for Thanksgiving but Meri will be joining us 🤗🦃

    Or, told them the truth on how Janelle and Christine were already doing 99% of Kody’s rules but it was Kody who wouldn’t consider letting go that 1% even though Janelle and Christine are doing 100% state safety guideline rules

  11. Robyn makes absolutely no sense at all for her reasons for not allowing Meri over to her house even though Meri was fellowing all of Kody’s rules.

    If she really cared what the other wives think then why did she have a nanny at her house without checking with the other wives first ?
    I would think Meri would come first over a nanny being that Meri is family and one of Kody’s wives.

  12. I love that with each new episode Robyn’s nastiness comes out more and more. The way she judged Janelle as if she’s not trying hard enough and how she presented it to the kids…the bitch is evil; it’s no wonder the entire family fell apart the moment she came in. While the other wives are in solidarity, she’s over there always on Kody’s side and telling him whatever he wants to hear; then she has the fucking nerve to complain about him spending too much time at her house. I guarantee Kody will drop all his old wives, keep Robyn because they’re legally married and she could ruin his life; then slowly push Robyn to introduce more(younger) wives into the mix, reminding her that they both didn’t sign up for monogamy. If Robyn thinks it’ll be good for her, she’s wrong and will end up in Mary’s place

  13. I want Meri to totally tell Kody and Robyn to go to hell. They are so Fake and really wrong for what they are doing to the Brown family.
    Meri is the original wife and karma is real.

  14. Who are you trying to convince about monogamy Robyn, yourself or us. Of course we blame you because we can see it as plain as day it’s all your fault.

  15. It burned me up that Robin says "well what about us" when discussing how they felt when the others said they were going to Utah for Thanksgiving. How selfish can she be to not see that all the other kids and wives have been saying that for months, every single day, while Cody spent all that time with her and her kids! All I heard her say during the entire episode was me, me, me with her feelings over that 1 day. Those other poor kids have been feeling that way for many many more days than she has dealt with.

  16. I’ve watched this show from the beginning..I thought it was interesting and sometimes funny. But since blubbering Robyn came into the family, it just ruined the flow…just an opinion. Kody is a total arsehole, Robyn is a fake…especially since she told her own kids, that they weren’t important enough. What a mess..Meri, Christine and Janelle should just leave Kody’s and Robyn’s crap to stew in their own delusions. Those other women are so strong..seriously this show is getting sickening…blame it on covid or whatever, you guys need to get off TV and fix your shit! Your own kids are telling you they’ve had enough…and quite frankly so is everyone else😞

  17. I haven't heard Christine or Jenelle ssy one bad thing about Robyn or Mari.Robyn didnt imply that Mari's daughter didnt want to spend thanksgiving with her kids. Wow Robyns a piece of work!

  18. Robyn is just a terrible person!She should have told her kids that the other kids are adults and have jobs and are in college and coty feels that they are exposedand thats not in the rules. What about Victoria Secrets after going there did they quarantine for 10 days? Robyn is making it look like its the other kids fault.

  19. Lets call it what it is, Meri is a baby mama…..and thats it. She's there by default, a convenience. Im really curious to know, why she continues to remain in this "relationship". Or if she even wants to be in a relationship with anyone at all? Even with the catfish scam, Kody seems like he doesn't care enough compared to if the other 3 decided to leave him. No affection, trust or loyalty from Kody or anyone, why has she chosen to stay alone for so long?

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