SM64: Through the Ages MOD (Release & Download)

SM64: Through the Ages MOD (Release & Download)

This project was made in collaboration with Ben Gulak and Paulo Brancher. They provided art, 3d models and ideas to this project.

How to Play:

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24 Replies to “SM64: Through the Ages MOD (Release & Download)”

  1. wtf this is so cool! when you were sharing some clips i thought when you were sharing clips on your Kaze clips channel about this was just seperate rom hacks lol

  2. I'm having a blast playing this mod: it feels like an official follow up or DLC to the Mario 64…! I'm in the world 3, if I could give some insight (how pretensious of me…!), in the first stage, the rock stairs star, the camera makes a tough work to jump in the stair, after you press the exclamation button: I think Mario 64 camera already make it a fair challenge, even without the complicated stair position, if the base of the stair would appear at the side of the cliff where you pressed the "!" button, it would be more approachable for the common player.

    This mod is almost perfect, I'm playing with Project64 3.0 and a real N64 controller (through an USB Saturn/Ps1/N64 adapter), and I simply can't put the controller down, it feels like Mario 64 2! Amazing job, Kaze! Can't wait for the Dinossaur Land mod.

  3. Been playing this tonight on my tablet while laying in bed with a possibly broken wrist and it's been super fun. Thank you Kaze, really awesome, well made game as usual. Definitely recommend people try it out.

  4. I played this today and finally finished on the same day as well. It was rough on edges in certain places and it is by far one of your bests in improvement within quality. GG mate 👍

  5. Do you models all the models yourself?
    If so a little tutorial would be awesome.
    I'm currently trying to develop N64 like game. Since I have no modelling experience I'm still stuck at getting a good result.

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