Soft Piano – Relaxing Piano Pieces (Fabrizio Paterlini)

Soft Piano – Relaxing Piano Pieces (Fabrizio Paterlini)

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Soft Piano – Relaxing Piano Pieces
Fabrizio Paterlini

0:00:00 L’airone
0:05:03 Girasoli e lavanda
0:09:21 Frozen River, Pt. 2
0:13:28 Fragments Found
0:16:14 Week No. 6
0:19:59 Ti Parlo
0:24:37 Week No. 8
0:29:31 Viandanze
0:33:38 Veloma
0:36:26 Soffia la notte
0:39:50 Il gigante e la balena
0:42:52 Five thirty am
0:46:27 Pensiero notturno
0:49:41 Déjà vu
0:52:36 Rue des trois frères
0:54:27 Controvento, senz’olio
0:58:10 Passaggi
1:02:40 Colori

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