SOFTWARE JOB IN GERMANY | SALARY IN GERMANY | German Work Culture | My Interview Experience

SOFTWARE JOB IN GERMANY | SALARY IN GERMANY | German Work Culture | My Interview Experience

I have Software Engineering Job in Germany, in the city of Munich. In this video I have shared my Interview Experience with 7 German companies which whom I interviewed.

Stay tuned till the end to know more about the Interview process, salary in Germany, the German Work Culture, the other benefits that you should bargain for and the Visa process.

Here are some of the resources that you must visit to get a job in Germany:
1. StackOverflow Jobs portal –
2. Xing –
3. Glassdoor –
4. LinkedIn –
5. Indeed –
6. Honeypot –
7. Stepstone –
8. TalentIO –

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43 Replies to “SOFTWARE JOB IN GERMANY | SALARY IN GERMANY | German Work Culture | My Interview Experience”

  1. Did you have to write IELTS general before or after applying? DO you work in backend? Would frontend developers like react and react native also get the same question as yours?

  2. pls sir guide of which uni for master in software engineer for BCA Student (Bachalors of Computer Application)
    which course we select in germany pls guide

  3. As a software engineer you dont really need german language, but get well versed with demanding technologies – thats all that matters for companies in Germany.

  4. companies are giving more 100k gbp in uk, germany te ato kom keno? i am a senior with 5 years full stack, can i ask for 80-90? ( already got one for 65 not liking it)

  5. Hi ..I would like to know about the job opportunity for a software QA in Germany .And what about the family visa options there.Could you please let me know about that.

  6. Hi Ritwik, I work as a UX designer here in Munich. I'm looking for resources to know if I'm getting paid enough.
    I checked resources like IG Metall and betriebsrat for reference salary but that wasn't much of a help.
    Do you have any other resources, where I can check salaries for IT emplyees in Munich?

  7. Hi I am a Project Manager from Sri Lanka. I am making plans to move to Germany. How is the job market for project managers in the IT industry ? I would like to understand the best way to get employment. Thank you in advance 🙂

  8. Hello Ritwik, I am a React developer with 2+ years of experience and is looking forward to do my masters in Germany. Can you suggest me a course that can back up my experience

  9. Hi, your videos are really helpful. Thanks for creating such an amazing content.

    I have a Software Engineer with a job offer from Spain but the salary is half of what I am currently making in SaudiArabia. I will consider only consider this job if it is possible to move and switch job to Germany from Spain once I am Spain.

    Can you please guide me if it easier to move to Germany from Spain experience or otherwise I should stay where I am.
    Waiting for your response.

  10. Hi Ritwik, Thanks for the video it really helped. I am very keen to know what would be the salary of a front end lead and full stack lead with an experience of around 10years ?

  11. Pro tip: get a salary range in the 1st interview, that way you don't waste time and energy on interviews for a job you have no intention of committing to. It's good for both parties.

  12. As a 5 year experienced in India one can get a salary of 50L-60L as a SDE2 in unicorns and fang (very high salaries considering purchasing power parity). Do you think salaries in Germany are very low for someone who is as experienced as you??? On top of all that there is a lot of tax as well in Europe

  13. Hi Ritwik, How can I contact you directly? I didn't find your email id in your about section. I need some information as I am relocating to Germany. Please share your email id. Thanks

  14. I am a .NET developer with 3 years experience. I have worked with different technologies including php,ajax,css,js,JQuery SQL,MySQL, Oracle and obviously c#with .net.

    So my question is, I am trying to get a job in Germany and my current salary is 4.5CTC. Is it okay if I start trying from now or shall i wait?

  15. Hey Ritwik, Hope you are doing great
    I do have an experience in Machine Learning and NLP (3+ years). How much should I accept.
    How is the market for Natural Language Processing and Machine learning engineers.

  16. Hi Ritwik, I have one doubt suppose I am working in a software company in Germany as a software engineer -1 and later if I am prompted to software engineer-2 will I get a good hike as we get in India(30% on promotion) or just 3-4% as u said in the video.

  17. Hi Ritwik, I got an offer of 69500€ (Before taxes) from Cologne, Germany with 9% variable and stock options taking the gross annually CTC to 86000€. I have 11 years of experience as QA automation engineer. Is it good to consider ? In india also I am working with European company at a very good package with great work life balance. Kindly help.

  18. Hi Ritwik, I have 2.5 years of experience as a embedded software developer. I am planning to do my higher education in Germany.

    So I want to know how much could be the salary difference between person who applies for job directly without doing masters from India (may be with same experience of 3years) and who have done masters there?

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