Spurs 3-0 Arsenal | The Loaded Cannon | Moh

Spurs 3-0 Arsenal | The Loaded Cannon | Moh

Spurs 3-0 Arsenal | The Loaded Cannon | Moh


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35 Replies to “Spurs 3-0 Arsenal | The Loaded Cannon | Moh”

  1. I agree that the throwing of bottles is not on and someone could seriously get hurt, but why do Tottenham need to be held accountable for a few fans outside the stadium not sure there's much they can really do.

  2. All arsenal fans are sore losers as blaming the ref for the players' mistakes shows that arsenal cannot accept defeat….LOOOOOSSSSEEERRSSS

  3. All I saw at the end was arsenal fans shouting abuse at Tottenham fans Tottenham fans giving it back pretty standard to me and the blind feller being ushered the other way , I must of missed something

  4. Respect Mo, it was boys v men Arteta got it wrong so wrong cedric is not good enough we had no composure and that's down to the manager. Saka Martinelli are out of form at the wrong time but we need leaders on the pitch. We have to out play Newcastle and Everton no lucky wins. We need to earn our place!

  5. As a neutral. What happened to "this is one of the hottest derbies in the world. So be a little lenient & warn players if they step over the line too much & talk to both captains to control their players"!? ….Instead that moron ref completely ruined a game millions globally looked forward to for weeks. Far worse challenges are ignored in games.

  6. WTF are you guys talking bout? you arsenal fans are so delusional!! aside from Tommy, Ramsdale and Martinelli, xhaka maybe, the rest were bang on average. All arteta had to do was play 3-5-2 clogg the midfield and cut off all lanes to the wings. Instead he played a back 4 and one of his back 4 got a red card.

  7. Mo I have always respected you and I do like you. But I really wish that sometimes you actually lay into our CLUB and TEAM.

    You don't always have to take a timid stance on matters my guy. Sometimes it's actually OK to vent and go the brutal way, as our CLUB and TEAM needs it.

    Don't always be defensive on Arsenal matters.

    We are an average team which possess average players and a decent but not a GREAT manager.

    Lay into them Mo, every now and then mate, nothing wrong with that.👊🏿

  8. Both fouls should only be 1 yellow not yellow red, or why isn't Son in the Hospital?
    Anyway giving away pens like me back in a day during classes
    And wondering why we are getting nothing out of it…
    It's the Arsenal fc that I will always support …

  9. WTF is going on with that footage at the end, damn looked like something from the 80’s. Nowhere near that when they come down to the Arsenal! The question is why????

  10. "I'm not going throw my toys out the pram and blame the players"

    Nah, just throw your toys out the pram and blame the ref instead. Ironic.

    You've always tried to come across intelligent to hide your delusion but your takes have been delusional for years. Take a page out of Lee Judges book and show some honesty.

  11. Fans that are saying it shouldn’t have been a penalty are they same fans that were saying the push on Saka against Manchester United was a penalty. Holding should have got a yellow card a few tackles before. He also kicked Son while he was on the ground. The second yellow card should have been a straight red card. Holding lost the plot, Son dominated him

  12. The referee did change the course of the game but we allowed him to do so. Both Soares and Holding didn't need to commit the fouls they did. Unnecessary and bone headed challenges once again cost this team. Soares escaped against Utd. This time he didn't. These are mediocre players who will continue to cost this team unless they are let go.

  13. Holding by name, Holding By nature.. were his brains on hols, well they are now, Cedric a bit of a clown, Newcastle Hmmmm.
    Hope its not a mirror image of start of season.

  14. so the ref gave a penalty that was a penalty and sent of a player who clothes lines another player we have to stop blaming the ref, only one team turned up for the NLD and it was the Spuds, what excuse will we use at Newcastle. Deluded

  15. Penalty was a little soft, but Cedric didn't push smartly and gave the decision to be made. The red card was nailed on. If anyone blames the ref…if it was the other way around would you be screaming for a red. Holding was played like a fiddle by Son.

  16. In regards to the "this type of foul happens all the time", difference is that most times the player who makes the foul is smart enough to at least make it look like he's going for the ball. Cedric doesn't jump to attempt an air duel, and has his eyes and focus were only on putting his shoulder in Son's back. Stupid foul, not streetwise enough.

  17. I’m not being funny but how are we blaming the ref. Pen was soft but we’ve had pens like that this season – it was a clear pen. Holding killed us as well. Very self inflicted

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