Star Trek: Picard Season 2, Episodes 6, 7, 8, and 9 – re:View

Star Trek: Picard Season 2, Episodes 6, 7, 8, and 9 – re:View

Rich and Mike both put on their adult diapers to sit down and discuss 4 of the last Star Trek Picard episodes before the season finale. With almost too much to talk about, the two men nearly have mental breakdowns. Rich realizes that his diaper is overflowing mid-shoot and ends up calling his home hospice nurse to come and care for him and bring him a lollypop. Mike needs CPR administered at one point, but then realizes he just needed more beer. Picard gets hit by a car driven by Brent Spiner (which was not written in the script). Many butterfly tears are shed as the once great character of Jean Luc Picard it subjected to the worst writing and plotting in a television series since the live action adult rated late nice Cinemax erotic Smurfs series.

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  1. Since they made the comparison to how Star Wars fans, I think in a strange way TV and movie franchise fans are finally experiencing what comic fans have been enduring for a long while now. I don't even necessarily mean this era specifically, but just the nature of the medium in general. For instance The Comics Code softened a loooooot of more grizzled characters, or wiped them out completely. Fans of those characters were naturally upset. Then the Comics Code/Silver Age era of comics ended. Things inevitably changed again, and naturally those who loved that era were pissed. But that's just been the nature of comics ever sense. Characters who aren't allowed to die or officially, permanently pass the mantel just keep getting rebooted, reimagined, deconstructed, and subverted. Altered beyond the point being unrecognizable versions of themselves. Constantly pitting fans against each other endlessly as the next hack steps up to blow their load of throw away ideas into the corporate community cum sock franchises. Before moving on to either make vastly better self-owned/published works, or disappearing completely with a fat sack of cash and endless royalty checks from the one idea of theirs that gets endlessly recycled in each new iteration….

  2. "..people listen to us talk about…" ~46:36 stuff we can connect with.
    In a way watching you guys over the years, you kind of have become welcome virtual friends in my humble abode of nerddom. Next to entertainment you give a glimpse of sanity to those of us who think the media has some "..of the nastiest brain bug.. ragalinan brain virus…"
    Now go get out and buy a new small fancy table. Keep it up guys 😀

  3. The fact that Paramount Plus's new "Star Trek"s make distinguished Trekkies like Mike and Rich lose their faith in something that brought them joy really doesn't make the service worth the $9.99 that Viacom wants. I've avoided watching "Star Trek: Picard," because even the tiny portions they show here confuse the heck out of me. Did the alternate reality make Picard human again? Would the cardioversion here work on him as a human? Because even as a human, Picard has had a prosthetic heart for years now. Unless MAGAverse Picard didn't get into a bar brawl with space barbarians who stabbed him in the heart…Like I said, confusing.

  4. This is a warning to everyone who holds Tolkien in their hearts the way Mike held Trek: Do not watch anything whatsoever involving the Amazon series. Not the promos, the trailers, the reviews, nothing at all.

    Once something special is ruined by horrible, toxic people with a vendetta there's no going back. We know exactly who these people are and exactly what they're doing, Do Not let it in. I really feel for Mike, this is a violation and has absolute significance. And it has to stop.

  5. Seven of Nine saying Borg aren't people anymore is the most . . .

    disappointing shit. I can think of no better statement for what a colossal failure of a show this is than Seven invalidating the very basis of her character arc in Voyager by telling the audience, 'Borg aren't real people anymore. Think of them as orcs now – KOS.' so they can casually kill them.

  6. Do you guys feel that Star Trek: Strange New Worlds has been created solely as a spiteful response to what you have said about the Picard series?

  7. I love the part in star trek where they leave the arcade game in the trailer park and the music man flies the delorean back through time to rescue zardoz.

  8. Some people have given up on watching trash. Some people have not. Me? I'm the guy that watches other guys that watched trash, and now whine about it.

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