Starting Chinese From Zero – How to self-study Mandarin

Starting Chinese From Zero – How to self-study Mandarin

How to begin learning Chinese?! this video is filled with Chinese study tips, Chinese resources, websites for language learning. Literally starting Chinese Mandarin from day 0. What do I do? Where to start learning Chinese?? Watch this to find out!!

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Yoyo Chinese:

Blondie in China:
James Wong Life:


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43 Replies to “Starting Chinese From Zero – How to self-study Mandarin”

  1. The very…very beginning of learning chinese! Help a girl out and let me know your favourite chinese resources!!! Shows you've liked, music, books, singers, poets everything! I want to compile a big lot of resources so that finding vocab and learning characters will be easier to do. Many thanks in advance :)) Let's see how this journey goes xx

  2. I honestly want to start learning chinese but i am scared of all the different tones.

    Edit:Also i am a native dutch speaker so it's nice to hear that someone else was learning it as a 2nd language!!

  3. This video is very helpful! as someone who wants to study Mandarin but doesn't know where to start or even how to start. I love the website you recommend!

  4. My top 3 picks are:
    1. RitaChinese: "Finding Your Mandarin Voice":
    the course focuses and speaking perfectly.
    2. YoyoChinese:
    a better value overall with the charts and 'pay as you go' pricing.
    3. MandarinBlueprint:
    a whole course dedicated to pronunciation, but it's long and dry.

    Each course has parts that are done better than the others so it is really hard to recommend one over the other.

  5. i think …… it's not good for u to practice the pronouncation first. really not a good idea …… seriously…… cause pronounce can't represent any meaning

  6. I have a tip for people trying to learn languages
    My tip is to try to think in the language as much as you can which sounds simple but it really helps

  7. Thanx Casey! Finally some with a great starting point. I have struggled with that… Starting with the pronunciation is gold (?..someone whispered…)Awesome «simple»…Thanx!

  8. I'm very late to this video, but it has definitely given me a better outlook on how to start. Others mention some of these points but never really go through it a lot, unlike you, and I really love it thank you so much!! Now with this new information, I can get back to my studies and focus on making a study timetable to help fit in as much studying as I can <3

  9. Thank you so much for this video. It really helped me find tools to start this langauge which I am passionate about learning. Many of the ideas I’ve already started which is a great confidence boost that I’m on the right track. I also watch Chinese tv programs and listen to Chinese modern music which helps me immerse myself in the language. Thanks again.

  10. I've just started learning mandarin by myself, and have a hard time correlating pinyin and sounds I hear in dramas. When i see pinyin and then listen to word, that makes sense, but vise versa – I have no idea what an actor said. Thanks you for tips 😉

  11. Moves to the Netherlands and searches for Dutch-related content hey, it's Casey!

    Gets interested in Chinese culture and language, search for content about it hey it's Casey again!

    You are everywhere lol

  12. How did you make the ainki deck. Everyone is saying ainki is so great but when I go to download decks from the anki web I find that I am getting the most random words to memorize that don't seem suitable for a beginner. I know about about 200 words right now but they still seem really random

  13. Lol, I speak chines, I’m Chinese, but my English is like, 10 times better than my Chinese, so I’m here to study my own language, it feels so damn weird, XD

  14. Well Mandarin is a really difficult and complicated language, but as a person, that have a contact with bother Mandarin and Cantonese, I should say (for me) Mandarin is much more easier to study than Cantonese. You will see by your self, just try them both ☺️🇨🇳❤️🇭🇰

  15. These are valuable tips that everyone should know 🥰

    We would love to partner with you so you can have one more resource to share!

  16. Hey Casey, great info here!! Question for you though. I bought HSK1 as well, and never got a cd with mine. Would you possibly be interested in selling me a copy?

  17. 你很棒,加油,坚持就是胜利✌🏻我来自上海,I just started a channel to share Chinese culture, Chinese language and life in China. 相互学习,多多交流,谢谢。

  18. One of my favorite singers is G.E.M but I am not sure whether it's Taiwanese or not because I only recently started listening to her and haven't done any research. Also, what I like to do is listen to my favorite dramas' theme songs such as 风逐惊涛. I listened to this song in the drama The Romance of HuaRong lol. I saw the subtitles of this song and I fell in love with it because it is soo beautiful to me. I haven't learned much a lot of mandarin yet, but I am really starting to get serious about it and I really love the advice you gave in your video it was helpful for me. Thank you soooo much

  19. Hi, I’m a Chinese. Thank you for your Dutch-learning videos from which I got a lot of tips of Dutch learning! Thanks! And if you don’t mind i can suggest some Chinese TV series for you! 家有儿女,父母爱情, and songs from Jay Chou.

  20. 量词的用法 一字多音 一词多义 了的用法还有各种乱七八糟的成语 俗语用法 有些都是只可意会,不可言传的

  21. me seeing other people actually learning chinese while me learning some basics words and trying to write in korean and read and talk in chinese but its actually hard for me to study and am confused sometimes i get the to say somewords but then i forget it the next day😣

  22. Thank you .I really appreciate the video because i didnt know from where to start .Can you tell me how do you make the flash cards because i really need it.

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