Studies find microplastics in human lungs, blood stream; scientists investigating possible health…

Studies find microplastics in human lungs, blood stream; scientists investigating possible health…

Scientists from the Netherlands and the U.K. recently identified microplastics deep in the lungs of some surgical patients and in the blood of anonymous donors. Researchers say that it’s possible to take in these particles through the air we breathe. Leigh Shemitz, president of SoundWaters, and Paul Anastas, director of the Center for Green Chemistry at Yale University, join CBS News’ Lana Zak to discuss microplastics’ impact on humans and what can be done to mitigate plastic pollution.

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28 Replies to “Studies find microplastics in human lungs, blood stream; scientists investigating possible health…”

  1. Who cares? We'll evolve to live with plastic and incorporate it into our DNA. Plastic parts are good and can be replaced for a low price. Imagine a plastic kidney or liver? This is the future son.

  2. What would happen if we made a furnace in space to burn the plastic and waste. Would it leak into the atmosphere or would it just dissipate in the giant vacuum. To change plastic we need to have a new material to replace or add along side plastic.

  3. Yeah no duh there's so much broken plastic bits from old trash. No wonder it's in our lungs and blood. If you see trash please pick it up. I bought a house and there's so much plastic trash in the yards dirt.

  4. All the complaints. Good to hear everyone is not using single use plastics, recycles, reuses, and does not put any plastics where they can break down. Good of everyone! Earth should be clear of this stuff soon!

  5. We DO know what the impacts are! American research has shown that the record number of miscarriages, and the male sperm count falling from 84% to 47%, is the result of microplastics in human bodies!

  6. Yes , and some ice cream was made with plastics in it . Yum ! These people will do anything to get our money . I hate each and everyone of them . :O)

  7. A better world is coming! 😀😀 Jehovah God's Kingdom ruled by Christ Jesus will solve all global problems and save the planet from ruination! Rev 11:18 Cry of "Peace and Security " precedes great tribulation

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