Adrian learned Persian perfectly in 1 year یه ساله عالی فارسی یاد گرفته

Adrian learned Persian perfectly in 1 year یه ساله عالی فارسی یاد گرفته

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Adrian learned to speak Persian/Farsi fluently in only one year. I decided to do an interview with this persian learner to ask him how he has managed to learn persian in such a short time, in other words, what are his secrets of fast learning of a language. He also talks about Iranian food, (Kalepache for example), the strange Iranian/persian culture of taarof, persian swear words (farsi f words), Iranian music, persian literature, and the difficulties of learning farsi.

00:00​ Video Introduction
00:30 Adrian’s introduction
01:45​ Why do you learn Persian?
04:13​ How did you learn Persian in a short time?
06:00​ Is it difficult to learn the Persian writing system?
06:30 Is Reading in Persian without written vowels difficult?
07:10 what is your favorite word in Persian?
08:18​ Your favorite Persian idiom?
09:09​ Do you know Persian swear words?
09:47 how to pronounce KH خ and GH ق sound in Persian?
11:04​ Do you like Iranian music?
11:36​ Can you dance Iranian?
11:52​ Do you like Iranian food?
12:28 I’d like to try Kalepache
13:18​ Any strange Iranian culture?
14:37​ Any suggestions for Persian learners?

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