I Thought I'd Never Find Love With My Birthmark | SHAKE MY BEAUTY

I Thought I'd Never Find Love With My Birthmark | SHAKE MY BEAUTY


INGRID Schlegel, 20, from Brazil, was born with a port wine hemangioma – a vascular birthmark that covers her left cheek and lip. Growing up, Ingrid used to worry that she wouldn’t be accepted because of her differences. She was bullied at school and she often received judgement and comments from strangers. She told Truly: “I used to say I’ll never get a boyfriend or a job because I don’t fit into society’s standards.” But a few years ago at a big party in her town, Ingrid decided to change her mindset. She said: “I realised that I needed to accept and love myself as I am or I would live depressed, hiding myself away in my room.” That was a turning point for Ingrid, who now uses her social media to raise awareness about vascular birthmarks. She loves her birthmark, saying that it makes her unique and beautiful in her own way.

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