BEST Ways to Earn FREE Bitcoin & Crypto!! ????

BEST Ways to Earn FREE Bitcoin & Crypto!! ????

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0:00​ Intro
2:36 Bitcoin Faucets
4:48 Airdrops & Bounties
10:06 Coinbase Earn
11:12 Publish0X
12:45 Blockchain Games
15:25 Reddit
16:25 Binance
18:46 Final Thoughts


???? Useful Vids ????

► 1inch: All You Need To Know:
► Can Enjin Supercharge NFTS?:
► Complete Binance walkthrough:


???? Get Your Free Crypto ????

► Bitcoin Faucet Cointiply:
► CMC Airdrop Calendar:
► Bounty0x:
► Coinbase Earn:
► Publish0x:
► TownStar:
► Lost Relics:
► Reddit Moons:
► Binance Earn & Card:


⛓️ ???? Useful Links ???? ⛓️

► Early BTC faucets paid big money:
► Uniswap airdrop:
► 1inch airdrop details:
► Average 1inch airdrop value:
► How Publish0x works:
► Zynga & Gala Games link:
► Enjin marketplace:
► All you need to know about Reddit Moons:


???? Bitcoin Faucets ????

These are platforms that reward users with free crypto once you complete certain tasks. That’s things like captcha’s, watching videos, taking surveys and playing online games.

Yes, it appears you won’t make a ton of money using these. However, people said the same thing back in the day when Bitcoin faucets paid a mere Bitcoin.

Cointiply is probably the best faucet I have come across, so you might want to check that out.

???? Airdrops & Bounties ????

Airdrops are a kinda marketing stunt which involves sending tokens to wallet addresses to increase the awareness of a new crypto, stimulate trading and to increase the circulating supply.

Then you have bounty airdrops which reward you for executing straight-forward social media tasks like joining a TG group or reposting stuff on Twitter.

Bounties are actually part of some project’s marketing strategy. Basically, if you complete tasks like referring friends on TG, quote tweets and things like this, you’ll be in line for some free crypto.

???? Coinbase Earn ????

Here, you get paid to do quick educational courses on specific cryptos. So yep, you really do get paid to learn!

????‍???? Publish0X ????‍????

This site is like Medium, where anyone can make blog posts. Publish0X supplies the crypto and that can be used to tip content creators or you can keep some for yourself. Writers can earn tips from their content and you can share great content to get 5% of every tip your audience brings.

???? Blockchain Games ????

The first way of earning free crypto from blockchain games is through playing games that directly reward you with crypto in-game. The second is by winning rare NFTs and selling them for crypto on NFT marketplaces.

What games am I playing at the moment? Well, that would be TownStar and Lost Relics.

???? Reddit Moons ????

Reddit Moons are ERC-20 tokens which are awarded to cryptocurrency subReddit users for their contributions to the community. So, if you are active then you can earn free crypto.

???? Binance Earn & Card ????

This is for those that already have some crypto and want to use it to get more for free. You could supply crypto on Binance and earn interest or you could get a snazzy Binance Visa card and earn up to 8% cashback on purchases.


???? Disclaimer ????

The information contained herein is for informational purposes only. Nothing herein shall be construed to be financial, legal or tax advice. The content of this video is solely the opinions of the speaker who is not a licensed financial advisor or registered investment advisor. Trading cryptocurrencies poses considerable risk of loss. The speaker does not guarantee any particular outcome.

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Does TA Work in 2022 for Bitcoin, Crypto and Equities? Let's find out!

Does TA Work in 2022 for Bitcoin, Crypto and Equities? Let's find out!

#Bitcoin #Crypto #OnChain #TechnicalAnalysis #OCTA #AVAX #Tesla $MSTR $FTM $CORZ
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00:00 Introduction
00:30 The Story – Does TA Work?
01:14 TA vs Buy and Hold – 2022 Yr of TA?
01:49 The Good
02:00 Bitcoin Biggest ETP Inflow Ever
03:00 Gold Backed PAX Token Rising w Gold
03:20 Commodities no Fire incl Gold
04:05 ETH Fees at 6 Mth Low
04:27 Russian Oil Ban – Can US Fill The Gap – UK not so sure
05:56 HASH RATE from Top Miners – The Block =- $CORZ Monster Hash Plans
07:22 BTC Higher Lows Holding
08:03 Ban All Clothes Dryers!
08:40 AVAX Foundation Another $290M
09:33 The Bad
09:40 And Back at Extreme Fear
10:00 GBTC Discount Bottoming
10:55 Bloomberg Commodity Index
11:12 Biden Signed Crypto Executive Order
12:00 The Ugly
12:31 Watch Bitcoin volumes explode in Manila
13:50 Charts
14:00 Let’s Dig into TA vs Buy and Hold in 2022
14:50 Williams %R – Not One I use
15:30 Microstrategy MSTR & Rex Oscillator
16:45 FTM & Rex Oscillator
18:00 Directional Movement Index (DMI)
18:30 Bollinger Band and Bitcoin
19:05 Crypto Fear and Greed
19:50 Tesla BB Yes, Rex No
21:05 Core Scientific and RSI
22:00 AVAX and REX

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