Box Room (2014) Short Film Explained in Bengali/Bangla || I'm Explainer

Box Room (2014) Short Film Explained in Bengali/Bangla || I'm Explainer

Box Room (2014) Short Film Explained in Bengali/Bangla || I’m Explainer

IMDB : 6.3/10

Genres : Short | Drama | Horror

Jerry is a strange and solitary boy who lives with his young neglectful mother in a run down apartment. He spends his weekends hidden away in his bedroom making model figurines and watching TV alone. While investigating a damp stain on his bedroom wall, Jerry peels off some wallpaper, revealing a seductive alien orifice growing behind the plaster. After spending an ever increasing amount of time in his bedroom exploring and inspecting the alien creature, Jerry embarks on his first sexual experience. After numerous encounters between Jerry and the creature, it becomes pregnant. Filled with panic and guilt, Jerry attempts to abort the alien creature, leading to a horrific outcome which neither himself nor his mother will ever forget.

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