Learn Business English Course | Conversation | Vocabulary | 19 Lessons

Learn Business English Course | Conversation | Vocabulary | 19 Lessons

Learn Business English Course – conversation and vocabulary – in this new compilation video. Robin and Bill teach a lot of useful business English expressions for you to know and use.

0:00 Business English Introduction | English Teacher – Robin
0:47 Titles | English Teacher – Robin
7:12 You’re Fired! | English Teacher – Robin
11:05 Introduce yourself and your job | English Teacher – Bill
15:17 Asking about job | English Teacher – Bill
20:39 Brown Noser / Ass Kisser | English Teacher – Robin
26:50 Asking / Answering Price | English Teacher – Robin
32:49 Small talk: How’s Business? | English Teacher – Bill
37:41 Asking about flight | English Teacher – Bill
41:30 Asking about hotel | English Teacher – Bill
47:44 Leaving a job expressions | English Teacher – Robin
57:51 Income / Outgoings | English Teacher – Robin
1:06:35 Small talk: Asking about weather | English Teacher – Bill
1:11:55 Small talk: Current events | English Teacher – Bill
1:16:12 Branch / Chain / Franchise | English Teacher – Robin
1:20:40 Upward Movement | English Teacher – Robin
1:26:35 Downward Movement | English Teacher – Robin
1:32:00 Movement Adjectives | English Teacher – Robin
1:36:46 Expressing Opinion | English Teacher – Bill
1:41:19 In the Middle | English Teacher – BIll

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Learn Business English Vocabulary | Fluent English For Work with TV Series

Learn Business English Vocabulary | Fluent English For Work with TV Series

Do you want to get a job where you can speak English? Then you will need to learn Business English vocabulary. And in this video, you will have fun doing it with some of your favorite TV series!

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