3-HOUR STUDY WITH ME???? / calm lofi / A Rainy Evening in Tokyo / with countdown+alarm

3-HOUR STUDY WITH ME???? / calm lofi / A Rainy Evening in Tokyo / with countdown+alarm

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Hey guys! I hope you are well, staying safe and healthy. Today we will do 6 Pomodoros (25min) with 5-minute break in between! BTW The Tokyo Olympic games is over. I’m curious which one are you?

(A) I love watching sports. I watched live streams. ????‍♂️
(B) All I care about is result. I followed the results. ????

???????? I think I am B. What about you?

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0:00 – INTRO
1:16 – session #1
26:16 – break
31:16 – session #2
56:16 – break
1:01:16 – session #3
1:26:16 – break
1:31:16 – session #4
1:56:16 – break
2:01:16 – session #5
2:26:16 – break
2:31:16 – session #6
2:56:16 – OUTRO



A S T R O 



Nom Tunes

Gerardo Millán

Gheorghita Vlad

Big Nose



Early Garden

Purrple Cat

Steve Nguyen


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My name is Abao. I am a Chinese student living in Tokyo, Japan.???? I am currently studying at Waseda University. In this channel, I mainly post ???? STUDY WITH ME videos, and ????my life as an international student in Japan. Some of my old videos are in Chinese only, but my recent video are all in both Chinese & English.

Because of COVID, we all had to study alone at home. I hope my videos will make you feel less lonely.???? Although we can’t travel easily now, I hope I can show you beautiful scenery ???? through my videos. 🙂

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✉️Business contact:abao.contact@gmail.com
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