Learn How to Play Chess for Beginners in Less Than 8 Minutes

Learn How to Play Chess for Beginners in Less Than 8 Minutes

Rules of Chess.
Timestamps OR Chapters:
0:00 How to Play Chess?
0:22 Setting Up a Chessboard
0:57 Chess Moves
3:11 Pawn Promotion in Chess
3:35 En Passant Move in Chess
4:29 Castling Move in Chess
5:08 How to Start The Chess Game?
5:29 How to Capture Your Opponent’s Pieces in Chess?
5:46 What is Checkmate in Chess?
6:10 How to Win The Chess Game?

How to Play Chess?
Chess Basic Rules and Setup for Kids & Beginners.
Chess game complete playing guide with rules & instructions.
Learn Chess moves like how King can move?
How does the Queen move?
How Does Rook move?
How does Bishop move?
How does Knight move?
And in the end how Pawns can move?
Learn how to capture your opponent’s pieces?
What are checkmate and Stalemate?
You will also learn all the details about CHESS special moves like Pawn Promotion, En passant and Castling.
Learn how to set up the Chessboard?
For example, Your queen should be at the same colored square as the color of your queen.
White queen on white or Lighter Square and black queen on black or Darker Square.
The king across from the king & from the queen across the queen.
when you are setting up the chessboard make sure each piece should be facing each other.
Chess rules,

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How to Play Chess – Animated Cartoon Series for Beginners | Kids Academy

How to Play Chess – Animated Cartoon Series for Beginners | Kids Academy

Thousands of parents and educators are turning to the kids’ learning app that makes real learning truly fun. Try Kids Academy with

How to Play Chess – Animated Cartoon Series for Beginners | Kids Academy

Parents and teachers realize that school success and higher test scores lead to more opportunities in the secondary and college years. Chess for kids is a great way to improve higher-order thinking and problem-solving skills, and reading and math skills. Many US states and other countries around the world include chess in their curricula.

The best part about chess for kids is that all children can play at whatever level of ability they possess.
To learn chess for kids, simplified instruction is necessary. Video lessons are an effective and easy way to learn the basics of chess as the chess moves, strategies and techniques are viewed and learned in small chunks.

The learner has the option to play the video multiple times until mastery of the concept or skill is mastered. For instance, when a young player is working on how to learn chess, he or she discovers that in the opening moves of play it is important to control the center, develop your pieces and protect your king by castling.

As the child’s ability level increases, the player can begin to learn strategic moves for a quick check-mate as well as how to defend against these moves. The Scholar’s Mate is a 4-move check-mate strategy that many players learn when acquiring the basics of chess.

Viewing games that chess masters played in the past is another great way to learn the basics of chess. One such game is the Opera Game. In this game, chess master Paul Morphy demonstrates one of the best active attacking games of all time.
Teachers that encourage chess for kids in their classrooms see better results in the children’s academic performance and experience a positive classroom environment.

Parents that play the game with children at home enjoy quality time with their kids and know that playing chess helps children academically.

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