NEW Action Movie | Wing Chun Man | Kung Fu film, Full Movie HD

NEW Action Movie | Wing Chun Man | Kung Fu film, Full Movie HD

Synopsis: The Kung Fu Action Movie “Wing Chun Man” is about a story of a Kung Fu warrior Tian Xingjie who keeps practising Wing Chun and became a Kung Fu master finally.

Studio: Hua Yi Rui Feng, Wei Ming Media, Xing Jie Film, Baos Film.
Produced by: Feng Wannian, Tian Xingjie.
Directed by: Tian Xingjie.
Screenplay by: Tian Xingjie.
Starring: Tian Xingjie, Zhao Dangwei, Xiao Wan.
Genres: Action.

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Getting a beginners Rope Dart Tutorial | Doug Swift Loves Kung Fu

Getting a beginners Rope Dart Tutorial | Doug Swift Loves Kung Fu

For a while, I have quite liked the idea of learning a Kung Fu Weapon but they have all looked a bit dodgy for my back. Rope Dart is probably the best option for me as it’s less energetic than most of the weapons. Less twisting, jumping and smashing. I roped my friends Angeliki and Olivia into getting a beginners Rope Dart Tutorial and to show me the ropes : ) We went through a few of the simpler techniques and the did a bit of target practice too

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I have be honest I have swung a Rope Dart before, this wasn’t a completely fresh start. I’ve sold them in my shop for the last 15 years, so now and again I’ve picked on up and swung it about, but nothing serious. It was fun being shown Rope Dart although it was freezing cold and super windy. Definitely got another thing to practice now.

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What’s in this video:
My learning rope dart and smashing a lettuce!!!

About this Channel:
I love Kung Fu and want to share Kung Fu with as many people as possible. I love training, meeting other Kung Fu practitioners and enjoying the practice. I love travelling to China to learn Kung Fu and visiting amazing Kung Fu places. Join me for more Kung Fuuuuuu!!!!!

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