Jattz N The Hood | DesiFrenzy | Jazzy B | Vilene | Latest UK Punjabi Song 2022

Jattz N The Hood | DesiFrenzy | Jazzy B | Vilene | Latest UK Punjabi Song 2022

DesiFrenzy Records present “Jattz N The Hood”.
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UK born international Music Producer and DJ, ‘DesiFrenzy’, is proud to release his monumental collaboration with the legendary Punjabi superstar vocalist ‘Jazzy B’. They are taking it back to the roots with this powerful, desi dancefloor anthem, entitled ‘Jattz N The Hood’.

“This is the sound I grew up with. This is the legend I grew up listening to. We filmed the video in our old backyards. It represents us.” – Frenzy

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A DesiFrenzy Production

Vocalist: Jazzy B
Music: DesiFrenzy
Lyrics: Vilene

Music produced, composed, arranged, performed and programmed by

Recording: DesiFrenzy, Pankaj Ahuja & Tom Lowry

Keyboards, Drums and Bass: DesiFrenzy
Mandolin, Flute, Algojey & Bugchu: Runveer Singh Bahra
Dhol: Amar Singh Barn
Additional instrumentation recorded at Sangeetika Studios, Panjab

Video: DesiFrenzy

Artwork Design: BYVXNNY
Bocumentary/BTS: Gurjant Singh Films
Photography: Max.Shotss
MUA: Rupi’s HSCC
Project Management: The 10x Team

G.S.Nawepindiya – for his support throughout this project

All family & friends, Jazzy B’s team, Ranjit Bhandal, BJ Gill, Raman & Gagan Gujral, Sikander Dhillon (SAMSONS BANQUETING SUITE), UVD (ULTIMATE VISUAL DISPLAY), LEGION FITNESS, INFAMACE, Sukhi Dosanjh, Jaz Dhami, Beats By Lions, Sunny Dhesi, Bal Singh, Vasda Punjab Bhangra, Dilraj Nandha, Gursimran Singh Billa, Virat Kohli, Ustad Charanjit Ahuja Ji, Sachin Ahuja, Sukh Rai, Harj Nagra, All TV/radio/media platforms & presenters, everyone who was a part of this project along the way and especially to those of you who have supported me & my music since day one.

and above all,
Waheguru Ji


For bookings: info@desifrenzy.com

Snapchat: @DesiFrenzy

Copyright: DesiFrenzy Ltd

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MY IMMORTAL (Evanescence) Harp Twins – Camille and Kennerly HARP ROCK

MY IMMORTAL (Evanescence) Harp Twins – Camille and Kennerly HARP ROCK

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Music Arranged by Camille and Kennerly
Music Produced by Camille and Kennerly
Music Mastered by Kevin Bartlett and Steven Eastment
Video Concept by Camille and Kennerly
Video Edited by Camille and Kennerly
Costuming by Camille and Kennerly
Everything else by Camille and Kennerly

Audio Recording = No recording studio. No splices, edits, loops, overlays, or backtracks. Just 2 harps — 1 audio take!

Camille and Kennerly obtained licensing from the original publisher to release their harp audio recording of “My Immortal” as heard in this original music video.

Logo design created by Kurt Brushwyler
Logo animation courtesy of Riccardo Faidutti:

Logo theme: Original music by Camille and Kennerly

#IMMORTAL #Evanescence #Harp #Twins #Camille #Kennerly #HARP #ROCK


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