Openshift Tutorial – Basics & Setup

Openshift Tutorial – Basics & Setup

In this video log, you learn how to install Openshift CRC containers on your Laptop or Desktop.
You also find an overview of Openshift tools how it operates over Kubernetes cluster.

Openshift repository:

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zsh: Getting Started with the Z Shell (and oh-my-zsh)

zsh: Getting Started with the Z Shell (and oh-my-zsh)

Need a z-shell beginners guide? This video will get you started with zsh and save you all the configuration hassle by simply installing oh-my-zsh, a community-driven configuration framework full of goodies (

If you already know a bit about the standard shell in Linux (sh or bash), it’s time to upgrade to zsh (The Z Shell). It’s faster, sexier, easier, more intuitive, more feature-packed, and it smells *great*.

My step-by-step project-based Linux course for beginners:

Free Linux Sysadmin Course Playlist:

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Official Site & e-mail list:

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