Learn Hiragana in 10 Minutes | Easy Hiragana Mnemonic Method to Learn Hiragana Fast 2020

Learn Hiragana in 10 Minutes | Easy Hiragana Mnemonic Method to Learn Hiragana Fast 2020

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Master all the hiragana in 10 minutes with a simple mnemonic method. The Ultimate way to learn hiragana quickly and be able to read any word that’s written in hiragana: through pictures!

Easy hiragana mnemonics to help you learn hiragana fast. Similar to the easy katakana mnemonic method used here:

Each Japanese character will be presented with an image to help you more easily remember its shape. If you concentrate and really visualize the examples, you will be able to read all 46 katakana by the end of this video. Let’s go!

Master all the katakana in 8 minutes with the same method:

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